Friday, October 30, 2020
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Need of the hour: Introspect & recollect own political history

At this crucial juncture of Naga polity, the vital need of the hour for all Nagas is to profoundly introspect and recollect our own political history which heeded to can lead us to make better choices of contemporary realities.
Undeniably the historical fact is that Nagas in unison went to foreign lands to help in the war efforts in the 1st world war which culminated in the formation of Naga Club and the subsequent submission of political memorandum to the Simon commission as a single unified Naga Nation.
Again, Nagas as a unified Nation stood up to the tyranny of Nazis along with allied forces in the 2nd war which consequently led to the formation of NNC which as a unified Naga political group with God’s endowment of wisdom and foresight declared Naga independence, a day before Indian independence. But sadly with the emergency of a coerced Indian Union, Neo colonialism reared its ugly perfected archaic policy of Divide and Rule and thus the Indian Government sowed seeds of division among the Nagas, the very imperial British policy they so detested and vehemently protested against.
The India Government in numerous instances at the most crucial moment of political talks have openly espoused their inklings and insidious sincerity of playing one tribe against the other; the divisive poly of propping up one tribe against the rest have always been a consistent India policy such as:
* The 16th Point Agreement-Ao leadership
* 6 rounds of talks-Sema leadership
* The Shillong Accord-Angami leadership;
and sadly we have yet again succumbed to India Government’s Divide and Rule Policy by dancing to their tune, by sidelining the NSCN IM’s demand of Yehzabo and Flag which is more of worth than the servile acceptance of the other Naga political groups’ demand of a piecemeal monetary solution to a political issue.
Inscrutably we, the Nagas have consciously or unconsciously encouraged tribalism among ourselves. It’s a factual irony that despite our knowledge about all the facts of history yet we are so obstinate and complacent that we are trying to repeat the ills of our own history rather than discernably learning from our own History and progressing towards our sacred Goal of a sovereign Nagaland for Christ. It’s high time for all Nagas to carefully tread these tumultuous political times and do right by the sovereign political rights of all Naga inhabited areas.
Lt Gen Niki Sumi
People’s Army of Nagaland (PAN)

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