Need indigenous martial arts training centre in every village: Biren Singh

Last updated on: January 20, 2020 at 10:50 pm IST


IMPHAL, JANUARY 20: Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has expressed a wish to set up indigenous martial arts training centres in every village of the state so that different martial art forms, including those of the hill areas, can be popularised.
“The initiative is not only for popularising the indigenous (martial) arts forms but also to keep our generation healthy. It will also help the youths and children stay away from drugs and other intoxicants besides helping them maintain a disciplined life,” Biren Singh said during the inaugural function of the 1st Chief Minister’s Indigenous Martial Arts (Thang-Ta/Cheibi) Meet 2020 in Imphal on Saturday.
Deputy Chief Minister Y Joykumar, Ministers Th Biswajit (Works and Power), Karam Shyam (Revenue), V Hangkhalian (Agriculture), Leptpao Haokip (Sports), Nemcha Kipgen (Social Welfare), titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba, MLAs and other officials were present during the function.
Biren Singh also expressed his desire to double the number of martial arts training centres every year in the state. At present, there are 43 training centres in Manipur.
‘Thang-Ta’ and other indigenous martial arts played a vital role in protecting Manipur from invaders in its 2,000 years of civilization, he said. However, it apparently lost its essence in the past few decades. As such, the state Government has been actively exploring means to revive the age-old art form after a series of meetings, he added.
Deputy Chief Minister Joykumar, Ministers Biswajit, Shyam and titular king Sanajaoba also spoke on the importance of indigenous martial arts forms in developing the society. Sports Minister Haokip said the Government would consider including indigenous games of the hill areas in next year’s championships.
Around 1,500 participants representing 43 clubs are vying for a total of 159 medals in 8 events ~ Cheibi Yendamnaba, Ta-Khousaba, Leiteng Haiba, Thang Chungoi Yannaba, Thang-Ta Chainaba, Thang Chungoi Marol, Sajel Kanglon and Sarit Sarak ~ during the 5-day meet. (Courtesy: AT)