Friday, March 24, 2023
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Need for total overhauling of governance systems in Nagaland: Dr. SC Jamir

S C Jamir

DIMAPUR, JUNE 25: Former Chief Minister of Nagaland and former Governor, Dr SC Jamir has called for total overhauling of the systems of governance in Nagaland, saying there is a clear breakdown of the rule in the State.
Mushrooming of multiple authorities, both constitutional and extra-constitutional, in the State of Nagaland has totally destroyed all systems of governance, he said in an article. (Read Full Text)
In the article, Jamir described the current situation in the State as: “A polity convulsed by divisions created on tribal lines by self-seeking elements trying to block a permanent political solution for the Nagas. And a Government unmindful of people’s aspirations but busy only with self-aggrandizement.”
“The elements mentioned above, underground in name only, have systematically and insidiously subverted the entire system of governance in the State to further their heinous and selfish designs. To make matters worse, the ruling establishment has totally abdicated its constitutional authority and made itself puppets in the hands of underground outfits’ bosses. In such a scenario, violence and extortions continue unabated with the Government machinery incapable of taking any action against those causing such mayhem”, he stated.
Pointing out that in a democracy it is the government elected by the people, which is the only constitutional and legitimate entity vested with the mandate of exercising lawful authority towards maintenance of law and order in the State, Jamir said this authority has been usurped by unconstitutional elements, who are running a de facto government in Nagaland.
According to Jamir, the internal security situation in Nagaland is far more disturbed than the deceptive outside calm, as it is being held hostage by armed underground groups, right before the helpless eyes of the State Government.
“Nagaland needs to be liberated from the clutches of this deadly monster. The first and foremost task is to restore the broken fabric of governance at all levels”, he said.
Stating that the younger generation, especially the educated youth of Nagaland, wants to be part of the contemporary civilization, Jamir said if Nagaland has to progress, sufficient space has to be created for them. “At this stage mere tinkering with a broken system would be disastrous, rather our objective must be to reconstruct the entire system”, he maintained.
Jamir added that there is marked change in the mood of the people of Nagaland, and there is anger against anti-social and anti-national elements, a passionate desire for a peaceful and progressive environment and for a practical solution to the vexed Naga problem.
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