Friday, May 7, 2021
Page Mail

Need for common burial site for Covid-19 casualties

Dear Madam,
As the World draws to a level of total unprecedented uncertainty due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic with the death toll rising in India to seventeen thousand plus.
I want to draw the attention of the state government and the state dignitaries, on how prepared is our state to face the challenge of deaths if any case arises? Though the days for people put up at quarantine Centers draw near to completion, it does not mean an end to this infection. The greater threat lies after the post quarantine period. Therefore, the state government should also prepare to take the responsibility of burying the infected deceased body at any given point of time.The state has to be prepared for this part as well even if no deaths are being reported in the state so far. We must adopt certain measures and learn from the footsteps taken by leading countries. For instance, in the US many unclaimed bodies were left at the mercy of the government in burying them. So also in Mumbai, the volunteers of bada qabristan have taken the challenge of burying and cremating those Hindu & Muslim unclaimed bodies of COVID-19 casualties. The state government must also prepare at hand for a proper common crematorium site according to the faith and tradition of those infected casualties in every District so as to contain the spread of the virus and to prevent an atmosphere of fearful minds. A common burial site for Covid-19 casualties may ease and prevent unwanted fatalities.
Menguzenuo, Kohima.