Friday, September 24, 2021
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NEAN Tuensang unit begin cease work strike

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Dimapur, June 14: Responding to the National Health Mission Employee Association’s (NEAN) call for indefinite cease work from June 14, the NEAN Tuensang Unit ceased all their duties on Sunday.
In a press release, the unit stated that there are more than 200 NHM employees working under various programmes of National Health Mission including technical and non-technical employees in the district. This includes DPMU & BPMU, IDSP, MMU, RBSK/RKSK, NUHM, NVBDCP, RNTCP, UIP, NCD and NTCP.
Stating that all the NHM employees who ceased work today are actively involved in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Tuensang district such as screening at the quarantine centres, sanitation and disinfecting, sample collection and testing, data management and reporting, contact tracing, paper works, etc, handling 24/7 duty, and overburdened with hospital duty besides having to perform their routine jobs, the NEAN Tuensang Unit said it will continue to stand in solidarity with NEAN till their demands are fulfilled. (Page News Service)