Tuesday, September 21, 2021
North East

NE police forces join hands to fight human trafficking

GUWAHATI, JULY 28: With human trafficking becoming a major cause of concern for Assam and other Northeastern states, police forces of the region have decided to improve coordination with real time input sharing to deal with the menace. The heads of the police forces of the Northeastern states have also stressed the need for a detailed research on the issue by a reputed organisation.
According to records available, at least 380 cases of human trafficking were reported in Assam only in the last 5 years and the actual number can even be higher as in some cases, the families of the affected girls do not come forward to report such incidents to police. As per records of the Assam Police, 82 trafficking cases were reported in 2014, 73 in 2015, 75 in 2016, 79 in 2017 and 70 cases were reported last year.
Talking to The Assam Tribune, Director General of Assam Police Kula Saikia, who chaired a meeting of the police chiefs of the Northeastern states that concluded in Imphal on Friday, said the meeting discussed ways to deal with the menace of human trafficking, among other issues, and decided to improve coordination among the states.
The Assam Police has already created an anti-human trafficking cell in the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and efforts would be made to make the cell more active.
Saikia said the meeting also stressed the need for a detailed research on the subject, encompassing all the aspects such as reasons, vulnerability, types of people involved in such crimes, final destination of the trafficked persons, etc., and it was decided that a national level prominent research organisation would be entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out the research. On their part, the police forces would compile their own experiences in this regard.
Most of the girls trafficked from Assam end up in states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, and they are often lured with job offers. So far, the Assam Police has not come across any case of girls being trafficked abroad. As trains are the most preferred mode of taking trafficked women, the Government Railway Police force has been activated to keep a close watch on the trains going out of the State.
Saikia admitted that in case of the girls trafficked from other states of the region, Assam is the transit point and that is why a coordinated effort by all the states is a must to deal with the problem. “If there is real time sharing of intelligence, the police forces can work in close coordination to check the menace to a great extent,” he added. He also admitted that in some cases, the families of the victims of trafficking do not report the missing of the girls on time, which is a major problem for the law enforcing agencies. He said steps are being taken to identify the vulnerable areas so that awareness can be created among the people about the need for informing the police whenever any girl goes missing.
The DGP admitted that with floods ravaging the State, the police would have to be more vigilant to check trafficking. (Courtesy: AT)