NDPP Youth Organisation reacts to T R Zeliang’s statement


1. The attention of the NDPP Youth Organisation is drawn to a news article pertaining to the statement of the Leader of Opposition Mr. T. R. Zeliang that has appeared in the local dailies over the publication of the NRC in Assam. It is surprising to observe that the LOP is showing so much concern towards the influx of illegal immigrants and the dangers thereof and it seems as if Mr. T. R. Zeliang has suddenly woken up to the problem of illegal immigrants as though he was never aware of this issue.
2. It is amusing that the Leader of Opposition has come out with so many suggestions to tackle the illegal immigrants’ issue, even to the extent of giving a clarion call to all political parties and Civil Society Organisations! Was he so blind during his four years as the Chief Minister of the State that he was not aware of this burning issue which is of grave concern to all citizens of the State?
3. Mr. T. R. Zeliang, instead of giving advice, should rather come out and declare what measures he undertook to tackle the problem when he was at the helm of affairs. The Leader of Opposition speaks as though the Inner Line Permit (ILP) has suddenly come into existence in the State. May it be reminded that the ILP, an offshoot of the “Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act, 1873”, was in existence even before the State came into being! If he was indeed concerned, he should have taken necessary steps while he was the Chief Minister of Nagaland, but he obviously failed to do so and is now talking like holier than thou.
4. We appreciate the fact that the PDA Government is taking appropriate steps and measures to keep Nagaland under a state of preparedness. Without a doubt the State will have to be on high alert to avert influx of illegal immigrants from neighbouring states and the State Government is alive to the situation. It is indeed unbecoming of a former Chief Minister to be making such immature statements while he himself had taken no action to tackle the said issue during his Chief Ministership.
5. Mr. T. R. Zeliang’s lackadaisical attitude is clearly evident when he decided to turn a deaf ear to the efforts put in by the concerned citizens and activist groups who had come together to collectively address this particular issue. It is on record that concerned citizens had met the then Chief Minister to obtain his support for the movement and had put forward a number of suggestions to address the problem, however, to their dismay, the Chief Minister decided to ignore their efforts and suggestions as is his nature to ignore issues which he does not benefit from!
6. As the voice of youth, we definitely have utmost concern for the protection of Nagaland and the rights of our people however it is condemnable that the same person who as the Chief Minister refused to acknowledge the genuine efforts of the citizens to resolve the issue of illegal immigrants, should today start taking a “holier than thou” attitude and speak about the dangers of the influx of illegal immigrants. We will not allow a non-performing former CM who had taken the entire society for a bluff through his false educational qualification to continue to spread his lies and false propaganda.
Issued by NDPP Media Bureau, Youth Organisation

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