Friday, August 6, 2021
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NDPP trying to poach our MLAs: NPF


Accuses PDA Govt of ‘selling lies to Nagas’

Dimapur, January 3: Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) has accused the ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) of trying to poach NPF MLAs with assurances of monetary assistance and Cabinet berths.
Stating that uncertainty that looms large on the fate of the NDPP party, which is awaiting judgement from the Election Commission of India (ECI) on de-registration/de-recognition of the party, the NPF said it is beyond any comprehensible logic why the NDPP is “still vigorously attempting” to poach NPF MLAs.
In a statement, the NPF also accused the NDPP of spreading “rumours and lies” that 6-7 NPF MLAs are prepared to join NDPP. The party asked, “When they have a comfortable majority with their coalition partners, why do they need more members. When they already have disgruntled members in their party as well as in their coalition partner, why try to deceive others with assurances of monetary assistance and berths?”
The NPF also called upon the NDPP led PDA Government to instil confidence and security in the minds of the general public by being more public centric rather than treading the path of hooliganism “as was seen in the case of the Home Minister threatening the Chief Secretary of a State.”
“A clear indication of mis-governance and sore relations between the legislature and the executive which is a depressing precedent set by none other than the Home Minister himself. And the deafening silence from the Chief Minister himself on such major issue, only suggest that this NDPP led PDA government is remote controlled,” it claimed.
On development of roads in Nagaland, the NPF said the NDPP led government has only been full of rhetoric’s and impractical promises to the people of Nagaland.
“The promises to give good roads to the Nagas in 60 days/100 days/1 year have been most comical. For good and sustainable roads in a State like ours, a well-planned and insightful roadmap to develop is important,” it said.
Citing a few ongoing road projects which, it claimed, the previous DAN government under TR Zeliang was able to bring sanctions like the Dimapur-Kohima 4-lane; Dimapur city road, Golaghat gate-Zion Hospital junction 2-lane; Purana Bazaar-Chumu Patkai bridge 4-lane; New Check gate-Leirie 2-lane; Kohima-Dimapur bye-pass road (Nuiland-Zhadima 2-lane) and Dimapur city bye-pass road (Khatkati-Patkai College), the NPF claimed that all these important road projects were sanctioned, and work orders issued during 2017 “and now we see that the fruit of hard work and able leadership of T.R. Zeliang will bring forth good and sustainable roads for the Nagas.”
The statement claimed that the PDA Government has only been able to give false commitment and are unable to bring about any new projects or scheme to develop the roads in Nagaland. “They have been keeping themselves busy with diverting projects and selling lies to the Nagas. At best, this NDPP led government has only succeeded in minor repair works, which is in fact a routine exercise of the department concerned. They seem to have no long-term plan to make sustainable roads and yet takes pride for the things that the previous DAN government has achieved,” it claimed.
The NPF also remarked that repeatedly meeting the Prime Minister of India or any other central leaders will not have any fruitful result unless one has the right concept and vision and submit a viable project report.
Wishing the people of Nagaland a prosperous New Year, the NPF hoped that 2019 will have many good things in store for the Nagas, while also assuring that the NPF will carry forward the aspiration of Naga people as its top most priority.
The party reiterated that it would remain a constructive opposition and would leave no stone unturned when it comes to the welfare and development of the State and its people. It further urged the PDA Government to live up to the expectations of the people and fulfil the promises rather being just a party with just ‘Words and No Deeds’ with the beginning of the new year. (Page News Service)