Monday, January 18, 2021

NDPP responds to NPF statement


Dimapur, September 4: Nearly a week after the ruling NDPP literally threatened opposition NPF to stop pointing fingers at others or face exposure of the malpractices engaged by the previous NPF Government, the NDPP has again iterated that the NPF has no moral authority to point fingers at others.
“Until and unless the NPF comes clean on the fake educational declaration of its “chief minister in waiting”, it has no moral authority to point fingers at others,” it said.
In a rejoinder, the NDPP claimed that the PDA Government is busy focusing on not only providing good governance to the people, but also correcting the mis-governance of the last 4 years of the NPF, which it alleged “never saw any semblance of governance, let alone good governance.”
On NPF assertion that the NDPP should start focussing on providing roads and helping affected people, the NDPP retorted that the present condition of roads and bridges in Nagaland are at its worst due to the inaction of the NPF Government of the past 4 years.
Accusing the NPF of doing nothing for the people in distress, the NDPP said it was only after the NDPP asked the NPF to enlighten the people what it has done for those affected by natural calamities in the State, its Leader of Opposition on August 31 suggested that the Commissioner and Secretary, Nagaland Legislative Assembly may deduct Rs 50,000 each from the salary of the NPF MLAs to donate to the Chief Secretary’s Relief Fund.
“As such, the NPF has no moral authority to tell the Government what to do when all it can do is reluctantly toe the line despite the fact that relief and rehabilitation works are a common concern which needs to be addressed together irrespective of political affiliation,” it said.
Admitting that in a democratic set up, it is the duty of the opposition to outline the areas where the Government needs to put in efforts or more attention, the NDPP, however, said “since the NPF is so proud of its achievement of having an opposition-less government in the last four years of the 12th House, it (NPF) has perhaps forgotten the way a good opposition functions in a democratic system of government!”
It is not a matter of pride when the opposition which was at the helm of affairs just a few months back is trying to do right the wrongs they committed during their reign by pointing their tainted fingers at the Chief Minister and the PDA Government, it added. (Page News Service)