Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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NDPP reacts to Yitachu’s statement

The attention of the NDPP is drawn to a certain item issued by Mr. Yitachu, NPF MLA, that is being circulated in various social medias. In this respect, the NDPP is issuing this statement in order to put to rest the misguiding facts which the Hon’ble MLA is propagating.
1. Mr. Yitachu and the NPF have claimed that that are not party to the ongoing matter before the Election Commission of India regarding a complaint made against the NDPP by Mrs. Zeneisilie Ate Locii and therefore, it is surprising that he is commenting as though he is a party to the matter. It is more surprising that Mr. Yitachu seems to be taking it upon himself to follow the present matter meticulously while the NPF party has claimed time and again that it has nothing to do with it. It is put on record that during the recent hearing in the office of the CEC of the ECI on the 25th & 26th of October 2018, Mr. Yitachu was never within the premises of the ECI let alone attending the hearing. Therefore, it is highly questionable as to where he is receiving these misguided facts; in fact Mr. Yitachu and the NPF have exposed the fact that they have a hand in this issue while at the same time they claim innocence! This is the sort of hypocritical politics that they partake in.
2. Further, the ECI have heard the arguments of both parties and have fixed the next hearing on the 15th of November 2018 at the request of the petitioner and not that of the NDPP as claimed by the Hon’ble MLA. Mr. Yitachu, being a gentleman at law, should be well aware of how legal matters are handled in a court and stop behaving like the Judge, Jury and Executioner without even being present at the hearing! It is unbecoming of an elected representative and a legal person to be spreading such false and misguiding facts in the public domain just so as to quell the restlessness amongst the MLAs and within his own party rank and file.
3. It is also interesting that the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. T. R. Zeliang along with Mr. Yitachu had very conveniently decided to station themselves in Delhi at the same time that the hearing was taking place and have been hobnobbing with central Congress leaders. It definitely seems to be more than a coincidence that they decided to cosy up to the Congress at a time when one of the senior most Congress leaders happens to be the legal counsel for the petitioner Mrs. Zeneisilie! Perhaps there is more to the story than the public are made to believe.
4. The NDPP is even more shocked that the Hon’ble MLA has decided to mix religion with politics by invoking Gods name in the present matter! It is one thing to play politics but bringing in God’s name into politics is nothing short of blasphemy and the NDPP will never resort to such kind of politics!
5. The NDPP and all its ranks are not bothered with these propaganda and misinformation that our adversaries are spreading. We know that they are resorting to these desperate strategies hoping that they will be be able to convince their members and organisation in staying together. The problem is theirs, not ours. Very soon time will reveal the truth because the foundation of the NDPP is based on truth and facts.
(Issued by NDPP Media & Communication Committee)

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