Sunday, May 16, 2021
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NDPP reacts to Shürhozelie’s statement


Dimapur, July 27: The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) today sharply reacted to the statement of NPF President, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu who had “predicted” the downfall of NDPP recently.
“Perhaps the octogenarian of the NPF party has suddenly woken up from a deep slumber since the whole state is witness to how the NDPP has been growing from strength to strength over the months,” the NDPP said in a statement.
It said the President of the NPF has accused the NDPP of “greed and power mongering” which comes as no surprise since he is only voicing his own morals and principles.
The NDPP also highlighted how Dr Liezietsu became the Chief Minister of Nagaland even though he was not an elected representative and alleged that what followed was a “tenure rife with corruption, nepotism, tribalism not forgetting the greed for power.” It accused Dr Shurhozelie of nepotism when he appointed his own son as the Advisor to Chief Minister.
The NDPP said Dr. Shurhozelie, in spite of having promised the MLAs that he would occupy the chair of the Chief Minister for only a few months in order for things to come back to normalcy and that he has retired from active politics, made a fool of everyone when he decided to contest the by-elections to the 10thNortherenAngami – II assembly constituency which was vacated by his son in 2017.
“This is proof enough of his hunger for power since his intention was never to give up the chair, but to remain as the Chief Minister. Today this very same person is accusing the NDPP of being greedy and power mongers, when it is him who was unceremoniously removed as the Chief Minister by the Hon’ble Governor, perhaps becoming the only Chief Minister of the State to have that misnomer, since he refused to resign as the Chief Minister as he had lost the confidence of the majority of the elected representatives,” the statement said..
The NDPP further stated that it was in fact the greed of the NPF and its leadership that brought down the NPF led DAN Government from a position of absolute power under an opposition less government to the role of an opposition. It said today, when a few of their elected representatives have voiced their appreciation towards genuine development and progress in the state as is witnessed in any healthy form of democracy, the NPF leadership has instead accused them of anti-party activities and have even gone to the extent of filing disqualification petitions against some of them.
On Shurhozelie’s statement about survival of NPF over the years, the NDPP said that it was Shurhozelie who single handedly managed to deregister the party and freeze the Cock Symbol from the Election Commission of India and needed the intervention and help of present Chief Minister, Neiphu Rio whom he incidentally stabbed on the back later to revive the Cock Symbol and party.
“To say that the NDPP, as in the case of previous regional parties in the past will too disappear soon is an irony since it is an open secret in what condition the “oldest regional” party in NER is in today,” it said, adding the grand old cock party of yesteryears is in total confusion and disarray with its own leadership not knowing what is actually happening in the grassroots.
The NDPP also expressed surprise that the statement of Rajya Sabha MP and Secretary General of NPF, K G Kenye who had proclaimed that NPF was lucky to have ruled the state for 15 successive years.
It reminded Kenye that if Neiphiu Rio had not come to the rescue of the NPF in 2002-03, people would be reading a different story today.
On Kenye’s claim that NPF have been “approached through the back door the offer of power”, the NDPP asked the Secretary General to reveal what he means by back door since the NDPP and PDA always maintain an open-door policy.
“In fact, it was only a few moths ago when the sensational revelation of how the NPF Legislators had decided to approach the NDPP to form a regional alliance in the state went viral on social media and other platforms,” it stated, adding the NDPP is not a party that follows the policy of opportunism as has been the case of the NPF in the past.
The NDPP assured the people that it firmly stands by its principles and motto of “deeds not words” (Facta no Verba), and would continue to endeavour towards ushering in a new era of change in Nagaland under the slogan “Development for all! Together with all!” (Page News Service)