Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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NDPP reacts to ‘rudderless Govt’ allegation


Dimapur, November 19: The ruling NDPP has reacted to the opposition NPF charge of the present PDA Government as being “rudderless and paralyzed” by stating that it was the NPF that was rudderless and paralyzed in the last four years of its rule from 2014-2018 by failing to provide a stable government.
“To term the present dispensation to be “rudderless and paralysed” only proves that the opposition NPF seems to be speaking about its own leadership and perhaps accepting their failure to provide a stable government in the last four years of running the state. The state of affairs under the NPF led DAN government from 2014-2018 will go down the annals of history as the darkest period of Nagaland,” said a statement issued by the NDPP media & communication committee.
With such an “infamous legacy”, the NDPP said the NPF should be the last ones to be attacking the PDA government for “negligence” and being “rudderless and paralyzed”, but rather play a supporting and proactive role as a responsible opposition party especially at this crucial juncture when all Nagas are anxiously awaiting the inking of the solution to the Naga political issue.
The NDPP also termed as unfortunate that the NPF has trained its guns on the office of the Governor.
The NPF has earlier claimed that since the State Government is more or less inactive and in deep slumber to the things happening in the State regarding law and order situation, the State Government is now taking up the mantle of governing and taking care of law and order situations in the State.
“As a respectable party it is expected that the August office of the Governor should be kept out of party politics. The NDPP leaves it to the people of Nagaland to judge the wisdom and maturity of the NPF leadership. Instead of playing the role of a positive opposition, the NPF seems to have lost direction and their lack of a roadmap for the people once again stands exposed,” it claimed.
Stating that the NDPP led PDA stands firm in fulfilling its commitments to the people and will not allow “false and fabricated allegations of a frustrated opposition party derail our promises”, the statement said there is no question of the Council of Ministers resigning on the grounds of “immature statements” of the NPF.
“The PDA Government is mandated by the people of the State and will continue to serve the people with sincerity and commitment,” it said adding the Government under Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and Deputy Chief Minister Y. Patton stands strong and united with a clear vision for Nagaland now and the future. (Page News Service)