Thursday, June 17, 2021
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NDPP reacts to NPF statement


Dimapur, August 5: The ruling NDPP has stated that the claim of opposition NPF that setting up of NSSB was initiated during the regime of TR Zeliang is absurd, alleging that the then Government paid only lip service and did nothing to bring it to fruition like the present Government did for the welfare of the qualified and deserving youths of the State.
“They failed to do it and yet they want to take credit for it! As we have stated in the past, the NDPP stands for transparency and meritocracy and the government’s decision to institute the SSB is towards our commitment of realising these aspirations,’ it claimed.
Reacting to a NPF press communiqué, the NDPP in a statement said that the setting up of the NSSB by the PDA Government is a fulfillment of the long-desired dreams and aspirations of the people, especially the youth of the State. “The NDPP in our statement had commended and appreciated the PDA for living up to the expectations of the people through this historic decision,” it said.
The NDPP also alleged that the DAN-III regime had proved time and again “how it needed the people to take matters into their own hands in order that the government hear their voice.” “It seems as if the opposition party is unable to accept their failures and have therefore decided to attack the present leaders of the PDA for orchestrating various situations in the state, none of which holds an iota of truth in them,” it claimed.
The statement also asked the NPF to realize that their tall claims of being the main opposition party and the oldest regional party holds no water as the party failed to even set up its own candidate in the Lok Sabha elections and contradicted all its principles and regional ideology by partnering and supporting the Congress candidate, a party which does not have even a single MLA in the Nagaland Assembly.
On the NPF claim of “Opposition-less Ministry”, the NDPP alleged this was engineered “through shameless machination of blatant and illegal defections just to ensure continuity of the party’s unholy loot of the State’s coffers.”
” It also brought shame and infamy to the very name of Nagaland State Legislative Assembly when crucial Assembly sessions were conducted and concluded in a matter of few minutes, thereby, making a laughing stock of the then ruling dispensation both within the State and outside.”
On the repeated demand of the NPF for the PDA Government to step down, the NDPP said the demand is bereft of logic and legality. “Constitutionally-installed Governments the world over does not function or cease to function at the whims and fancies of a few who dearly wish to take over the helms of affairs of the State so that they can perpetuate their looting and plundering spree once again,” it alleged.
Claiming that the NPF has fallen into the habit of pointing fingers at others for all its failures, the NDPP further asked the NPF to realize that these are all its failure and it cannot blame others for its in-capabilities. “The only credits the previous Government can claim would be the use of water cannons on peaceful protestors; its Chief Minister camping with MLAs in other states, failure to bring to book fuel adulterators, turning a blind eye to public distribution system scams and ridiculously taking pride in the dreary road conditions on the ground that “foreigners like to experience the bad roads!” it alleged. (Page News Service)