Friday, April 16, 2021
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NDPP reacts to NPF, Cong statements; Reiterates stand for early Naga solution


Dimapur, October 31: The ruling NDPP has reiterated its stand for early resolution of the Naga political issue early and assured that the PDA will not take any unilateral decision without consulting the people who are the actual stakeholders to the Naga issue.
In a statement, the NDPP also gave a point by point rebuttal to allegations and statements made by opposition NPF and the Congress party in Nagaland questioning the stand of the ruling NDPP led PDA on the Naga issue.
On Opposition leader TR Zeliang’s allegation over non-convening of JLF meeting, the NDPP said the Deputy Speaker’s response on October 30 has exposed how Zeliang has been misleading not only the people but his own NPF legislators. On the decline of the revised dates by the Opposition leader citing reasons that all NPF MLAs would be in Arunachal Pradesh to participate in the reorganisation of the NPF party in Arunachal, the NDPP said the very fact that the leader of opposition and the NPF party felt the urgent need to be in Arunachal Pradesh for reorganising their party instead of discussing the Naga political issue itself speaks volumes of their commitment towards finding a common stand in resolving the Naga issue.
On the NPF president defending the statement of the leader of opposition and his legislators by reiterating the NPF stand on Naga flag and constitution, the NDPP said such statement is in contravention of the JLF resolution of 7th August 2019 where it is mentioned that the “JLF will play the role of an active facilitator and continue to meet with all stakeholders including the government of India and sincerely appealed to the negotiating parties to come together and rise above all differences.”
“Nowhere is it mentioned that the legislators could take a stand that contravenes the August resolution and in fact the NPF party should clarify on whether their Legislators have decided to reject the resolution which was passed in the presence of all 60 elected representatives of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly,” it said.
The NDPP also alleged that another similar statement was made by the former NLA Speaker Dr Imtiwapang Aier on September 10 at Kubulong where he had stated that “No compromise on ‘flag’ and ‘yezhabo'”.
“In view of such statements and stands made by the NPF leaders, the PDA leadership felt the need to convene an urgent meeting of the JLF to discuss the issues at hand which the NPF party decided to once again forgo as is their habit by citing reasons that questions their integrity and commitment towards the Naga political issue,” it alleged.
On NPCC president allegations against the PDA and its leadership “attempting to escape its responsibilities,” the NDPP said it is “amusing coming from a person who was unceremoniously removed not once but twice from the office of an Hon’ble Minister because of his immaturity and callousness in taking matters and responsibilities seriously.”
“Mr. Therie should also be the last person to be talking of the past party affiliations of the PDA leaders when the whole world knows how fickle his loyalty to a single party is,” it said.
The NDPP said to allege that “the endorsement of the resolutions of the Joint Legislators’ Forum is clear indication of PDA’s attempt to escape responsibility” is absurd when the PDA leaders themselves were signatories to the resolutions being members of the JLF.
“The resolutions were not frivolously drafted or adopted, but arrived at after thorough discussions, deliberations and application of clear and sober minds. Unlike some leaders who are presently not members of the august Assembly who have the tendency of having a “foot-in-mouth” disease, the PDA leaders stand steadfast to their principles and beliefs. Come what may, the PDA leaders shall own responsibility or take credit when due, and shall never pass on the blame or shirk from responsibilities,” it stated.
The NDPP admitted that Therie is partly correct when he said “we are reaping the benefits” of 16-point Agreement and Article 371 (A). “But the benefits would have been much more had the successive Congress Governments at the Centre sincerely and duly fulfilled all the provisions of the Agreement instead of unilaterally violating the mutually-agreed points, or remaining conspicuously silent on crucial ones,” it said.
On Therie’s fear of Nagaland being downgraded to UTs or if civil breaks out, the NDPP saud the Congress leader is being too pessimistic. “We have full faith in the wisdom of the negotiating parties, and are confident that they would negotiate and bring us something better than what we already have. We are also confident that the parties at the negotiating table are having talks to end bloodshed and violence, and not to create a civil war; to usher in an era of peace, progress and prosperity for all, and not create chaos and mayhem in the society and country. We also have faith in the Government of India and its assurance that Article 371 (A) shall remain post-solution.”
On the allegation of multiple taxation, the NDPP said “He (Therie) should know better than the common person that no Government or Ministry facilitates multiple taxation or multiple-government administrations. And being a seasoned leader, he should know rather than ask what is an honourable solution and what is acceptable to the people.”
“Democracies do not function at the whims and fancies of some frustrated minds, and democratically-established governments are, thankfully, never dismissed on mere allegations such as that made by the esteemed Congress leader,” it added. (Page News Service)