NDPP reacts to NPF allegations

NDPP reacts to NPF allegations

Dimapur, June 15: The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has stated that the State Government will oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill if the Bill goes against the interests of the Nagas. But until such an instance occurs, the Government will not interfere in the policies of the Central Government.
A decision to this was made in a Cabinet meeting on June 5 last and was also widely published in the local media on June 7, said a NDPP rejoinder on the Bill raised by the opposition NPF.
On the Chief Minister’s statement on integration, the NDPP said the stand of the CM and the PDA Government on integration of contiguous Naga inhabited areas is that the rights of the Naga people to live together as members of the same family under one administrative umbrella will never be given up.
“However, it should also be understood that Nagas must mutually coexist with other people, especially our neighbours who will remain as our neighbors for all times to come,” it stated.
The NDPP said the PDA Government remains wholeheartedly committed to an early resolution of the Indo-Naga political conflict in such a manner that is honourable and inclusive and the Government will leave no stone unturned in its endeavour of playing the role of an active facilitator. It reiterated that it will never compromise the rights and honour of the Nagas and “the Government is ready to make any sacrifice for the greater interest of the people it was elected to represent.”
The NDPP also claimed that the NPF has forfeited all moral authority to even speak of the ‘Bedrock of Naga Society’ as they themselves have fully endorsed it by teaming up with the authors who are all in the same party today.
“Dr. S. C. Jamir, the author of the condemned booklet and his brother Mr. S.I. Jamir, Ex-Minister are part and parcel of the NPF. Dr. Jamir’s son Mr. Apok Jamir is a full-fledged member of the NPF to the extent of being the NPF candidate in the recently concluded General Assembly Elections and the Lok Sabha bye elections,” it said, while asking the NPF and its leaders to steer clear of the ‘Bedrock of Naga Society’ as they have endorsed it fully through their political actions of aligning with the Congress.
(Page News Service)