Friday, March 5, 2021
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NDPP questions NPF’s integrity


Dimapur, May 18: Even as the BJP is yet to comment on the reported statement of NPF that it is reconsidering its alliance with the BJP in Manipur after the Lok Sabha election, the ruling NDPP appears to be more miffed with the NPF’s statement and has questioned the “integrity and commitment” of the NPF and its leaders.
“Who are they trying to fool? If they want to pull out, why not now? Why after the Lok Sabha results? Such ridiculous approach speaks volumes of the lack of integrity and commitment on the part of the NPF and its leaders,” it said in a press release.
Stating that the statements of the NPF and its leader of opposition as “nothing but a sign of directionless leadership and  indication that the NPF leadership continues to play a constant double game”, the NDPP claimed that while NPF has been extremely critical of the BJP and the PDA alliance in Nagaland with allegations of the BJP being anti-secular and anti-Christian, in Manipur the NPF has always been in alliance with the BJP to the extent of having a minister in the BJP led Manipur cabinet.
“It is also a fact that in the eyes of the NPF, as long as it was in alliance with the BJP, they had no problems with the party but once the NPF landed in opposition it started being critical of the BJP from every possible angle.”
On its part, the NDPP assured the people and its alliance partners that “we will never be involved in such double standards and we will always uphold the mandate of the people.
“We continue to respect the spirit of our alliance and we will continue to conduct ourselves with political maturity by upholding truth. The NDPP will continue to reflect the aspirations of the people and we will always carry the voice of the masses,” it said. (Page News Service)