Sunday, July 25, 2021
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NDPP points to the past to escape the present, alleges NPF


Dimapur, February 15: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has termed as “absurd” what it called the “senseless accusation” of the ruling NDPP against the leader of NPF legislature party, TR Zeliang on the demand for implementation of Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Dimapur District.
“The NDPP’s immature and childlike attitude in pointing to the past in an attempt to escape the present is no surprise,” it said in a press rejoinder.
The NPF was reacting to the NDPP statement asking the NPF to first question its leader TR Zeliang as to why he turned a deaf ear to the pleas of various student organizations and CSOs to implement ILP and the BERFA in the entire state when he was the Chief Minister of Nagaland.
“In this regard, may we remind the NDPP as to who served a full 5 years term as Home Minister before becoming the Chief Minister of the State for 11 years? Now simple mathematics would point out that the person had more time than the Leader of Opposition, who served for a mere 3 and half years as CM amidst endless turmoil created by someone who wanted to stay relevant in State politics,” it said.
On the allegation that Rio was ‘directed’ to remain silent of the CAB 2016 when he was the lone NPF MP(LS), the NPF asked the NDPP to name how and who in the NPF party gave such directive to him. “Rather than spewing more lies and beating around the bush, trying to wriggle out of this mess which Mr. Rio has created in handling the CAB 2016, it would do him and his party well to apologize for the shortsightedness and putting the indigenous existence of the Nagas on sale just so he could cling on to the Chair,” it stated.
The NPF also ridiculed the NDPP’s claim of “consistent on its stand” vis-à-vis CAB 2016 as “the greatest joke” that any political party can come up with. “The cabinet decisions of 5th June 2018, 7 January 2019 and 18th January 2019 and finally the U-turn decision to oppose the CAB 2016 on 28th January 2019 just because of the fear of alienation by other Northeastern political parties, is if anything the most inconsistent stand.”
“And to further blame the NPF for not attending the so called “Consultative Meet” on 31st January 2019 is preposterous when we have made it clear that a “Consultative meet” after all the decisions have been unilaterally and arbitrarily taken by the State Cabinet is nothing more than an attempt to save face,” it claimed.
On the clarification of the NDPP “to save the face” of their party MP (LS), the NPF suggested that a crash course in the functioning of the parliament be imparted to the MP “if he is so ignorant in the subject.”
“To claim that “important issues like the CAB and matters relating to Nagaland were not listed initially” is the pinnacle of baloney. The business list of the day is only prepared and circulated a day prior, so to expect to see the business list of 8th January 2019 by the 2nd or 3rd January 2019 is either sheer stupidity or yet another attempt to fool the Nagas, which again is no surprise as the Leadership of NDPP has time and again cooked up stories taking the Nagas for granted,” it alleged.
Stating that it fails to comprehend the excitement that the NDPP derives from knowing that Tokheho Yepthomi “absconded from parliament” when his presence was most needed, the NPF said his absence on January 8 when CAB 2016 was passed in the lower house should be considered a black day for the Nagas and mark it as the day when NDPP could not muster up courage and put the interest of Nagas before their own selfish needs. It appealed to the NDPP to be “slightly sensible” in their dealings when it comes to issues which affects every Nagas.
On the charge of the NDPP that the NPF is trying to dilute the special provisions under Article 371(A), the NPF stated that it being the oldest regional party in the region has always put the interest and well-being of Nagas ahead of everything and will continue so.
“At the same time, we are not as myopic as the NDPP and we tread on important subjects with caution so that the interest and the future of Nagas is not jeopardized. And that is how we have composed ourselves in the matter of CAB 2016 unlike the NDPP who were ever ready to do anything to the extent of selling out the rights of Nagas for the sake of continuing in power,” it said while welcoming a threadbare debate on the floor of the House rather than resorting to cheap rhetoric. (Page News Service)