Friday, May 7, 2021
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NDPP may disappear like other regional parties: Shürhozelie


Dimapur, January 31: NPF president, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu today did not rule out the ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) of “disappearing” like other regional political parties that came into being in the State and perished in the past.
“One day it (NDPP) may also disappear just like the other regional political parties,” he said whil speaking at the leadership conference of NPF Kohima Division at NPF Central office on Friday.
According to a press release issued by NPF Kohima Division, Shürhozelie claimed that the Naga People’s Front (NPF) signifies the identity of the Naga people and is deeply rooted with the Naga people and the Naga nationalism and can be considered as the guardian of Naga people. He observed that many political parties came into being in the State claiming to be Naga regional party but all perished as no other parties have the roots like the NPF.
“Many formed the party only to contest the election without any aims and objectives or commitment to work for the true cause of the Naga people,” he claimed.
On the occasion, Shürhozelie also called upon Naga people to know the true colour of Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and its long term perspective. He admitted that leaders supporting the Act have cited many convincing points like incorporation of ILP (BEFR 1873) in the Act, exemption of Nagaland State, etc. “It may sound good but all these are for cover up of the real motive behind this Act. But the effect will come slowly in the form of ‘population politics’,” he said.
Shürhozelie said people will not feel the pain of CAA instantly, but it will develop with very low intensity and without much awareness for a long time. “It will keep on increasing its impact and intensity year by year in due course of time. We know that people will not feel the effect in a year or two,” he said and expressed apprehension that the CAA might uproot the very existence of the people of Northeast unless they take a strong stand and went against it.
The NPF president also reiterated that the party will always stand to support secularism and that the CAA will destroy the very fabric of secularism India.
Ex-MLA Kropol Vitsu; ex-NPF candidate, Dr Tseilhoutuo Rhütso and Kohima CEC member, Medoselhou Keretsü also spoke on the occasion.
Later the meeting adopted a resolution to congratulate Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu on being re-elected as NPF president for the tenure 2020-24 and resolved to uphold his leadership and that of TR Zeliang as leader of NPF Legislature Party Wing.
The Kohima Division also appreciated the Government of India and the Naga national groups for their tireless effort in giving positive steps towards Naga political problem and appealed to all Naga national workers and the Government of India to bring the political issue to a logical and amicable settlement. It appealed to all other Naga national groups who have not joined the peace process to reconsider their decisions as desired by Naga people. It also fully supported the resolution adopted by the CEC dated 31st January 2019 to oppose the CAB/CAA.
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