Saturday, January 23, 2021
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NDPP hits out at ‘seditious’ allegations against PDA Govt


Dimapur, June 1: The ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has hit out at what it claimed is the baseless allegations against the PDA Government, the Chief Minister & his colleagues, the bureaucrats and the people of Nagaland by one Pankaj Gupta that is being circulated in social media, and urged the authorities to book him for making seditious and malicious allegations against the Government.
“A person who is living beyond the boundaries of the state of Nagaland has no moral right to judge and speak about what is or is not happening in the State,” said a press statement issued by NDPP media & communication committee.
The NDPP expressed astonishment that when the whole world is working towards protecting itself from the global pandemic of COVID-19, “questionable people like Pankaj Gupta are taking to social media to spread false and malicious allegations against the Government of Nagaland.”
“During such crisis as we are facing today, it is easy for people to comment and propagate baseless and fabricated statements from the confines of their homes without realising or acknowledging the sacrifices the government and the frontline workers are putting in to safeguard the citizens. It is because of such irresponsible statements by people like Pankaj Gupta that demeans and insults the hard work and efforts of the government and all those in the frontline,” it said.
Asking if Pankaj Gupta is so sure of the allegations he has made, what is stopping him from facing and challenging the government instead of insinuating himself behind closed doors, in the comfort of his home without stepping into Nagaland, the NDPP said, “When we as a people are fighting for our survival against the pandemic, people like Pankaj feel the need to take undue advantages of the situation in order to make such malicious statements against the Government. In situations such as this, while there is still much to be done, it is in fact the duty of every citizen to rally behind those that are working tirelessly to protect and defend it’s citizens from being infected by this deadly virus that has gripped us today.”
‘Questions NPCC’
The NDPP also termed as “most unfortunate” that the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) have come out attacking the Chief Minister and the Government in recent times.
“The NPCC should first realise their failures in addressing the needs of the people when they had been at the helm of affairs in the State. What were the successive Congress governments doing when they were in power both in the state and in the centre? Perhaps the people of the state are facing these difficult times today due to the failure of the then Congress governments in providing and developing the medical and other infrastructures in the state,” it said.
The NDPP asked the NPCC to first explain to the people why their governments in the past had decided to neglect the basic needs of the people before attacking the government of the day who are working round the clock to provide for the safety and well being of all the citizens.
Regretting such “unfortunate statements” to target the image of the Government of Nagaland and “insult the sacrifices of the people working day and night”, the NDPP puts on record its appreciation to the PDA Government headed by the Chief Minister and his colleagues, the Chief Secretary and the entire Government officials and all the medical and frontline workers for their dedicated and sincere efforts in battling with the global pandemic. (Page News Service)