Sunday, July 25, 2021
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NDPP hits back at Opposition; accuses NPF of behaving like ‘pack of Hyenas’


DIMAPUR, JUNE 30: The ruling NDPP has taken exception to the NPF Legislature Party submitting a representation to the Governor of Nagaland on alleged “irregularities” of the PDA Government “at a time when the entire Government machinery is fighting the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic” and also trying to ensure smooth functioning of governmental activities.

“It is without a doubt, the bounden duty of an opposition party to point out the weakness and failings of the Government if any. However, there is always the right time and platform to bring up such issues; and a pandemic is not one of those times”, said the NDPP media and communication committee in a statement.
Stating that the NPFLP is acting “unbecoming of a responsible opposition party”, the NDPP accused the NPF and its leaders of “behaving like a pack of Hyenas waiting for every opportunity to pounce on their prey, the PDA Government”.
‘Rs 30 cr for CIHSR’
On the 200-bedded hospital to be attached to CISHR, the NDPP clarified that all laid down procedures under Government norms have been followed.
“Our opposition friends are perhaps unaware that similar type of facilities are being established by several other State Governments some of which are being directly funded by even the PM Cares Fund”, it said.
The statement also clarified that the pre-engineered hospital is not a temporary arrangement but it will have all state-of-the-art health facilities of a full-fledged hospital and will be professionally managed by the expertise and professional human resource of CMC Vellore and EHA Delhi.
“With the availability of modern oxygen plant and laboratory facilities, the selection of CISHR for the emergency hospital is indeed laudable and the right decision at the right time, even as we prepare for a third wave”, it said, while reaching out to the staff and family of CISHR not to be demoralized by “unsubstantiated statements” which are politically motivated and without any basis.
‘Cricket Stadium’
On the establishment of Nagaland Cricket Stadium and its ancillary facilities, the NDPP claimed that as the foundation of “our national and international cricketers”.
“Today, our youth are playing at the highest levels of the game and even in foreign countries thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities which have been ranked as amongst the best in the entire NER”, it claimed.
‘Chiethu Airport’
On Chiethu Airport, the NDPP said the proposed establishment of an airport at Kohima is not due to any personal desire of an individual, but is the national policy that all State capitals of the country must have an airport and air connectivity.
For a State with mountainous terrain, Chiethu area was found to be appropriate and technically viable, it claimed adding the proposed Chiethu Airport was a commitment of the NDA Government during the Prime Ministership of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2003 and was one of prominent features in the Common Minimum Program of the DAN.
Stating that the proposed Chiethu airport will not only connect the State capital by air but it is also being viewed as a crucial and strategic facility from various angles including defense, the NDPP claimed that the proposed Chiethu airport and the proposed alternate Greenfield airport at Rüzaphema are two completely different matters having no connection to each other whatsoever.

The NDPP claimed that the State Government and the Finance Department have already given sufficient statements and clarifications on all financial matters but rued that the opposition is repeating “their rhetoric’s again and again” either due to their ignorance or the total failure on their part in managing the state’s finances during their tenure at the helm of affairs.
The NDPP also warned that PDA Government will not remain silent spectators to the “baseless allegations” of the opposition and wherever necessary appropriate agencies of the Government will ensure that “past discrepancies will not be allowed to be buried”.
Accusing the NPF of using numerous tactics to dislodge and disrupt the current ruling dispensation, the statement said the NDPP stands firm in its commitment to the people especially during these hard and difficult times of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We assure the people that together we will soon overcome this crisis that has disrupted all our lives for the last one and a half years and the PDA Government is doing all it can to protect its citizens”, it said.
Also informing that the Government is doing all it can to ensure that COVID vaccines are made available free of cost to the people of the State, the NDPP encouraged everyone to come forward and get the vaccine.
“Half the fight against this pandemic is won when each of us takes responsibility by doing our part and protecting ourselves with all possible means at our disposal”, it added.
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