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NDPP did not lose Lok Sabha poll due to local problem: Chingwang

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Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI, JUNE 14: Of course it is time to take stock of the situation and “pull up the sleeves” for the next battle, but the NDPP did not lose 2024 Lok Sabha election due to local problem in the State, says NDPP president and senior Naga leader Chingwang Konyak.
“As you know it was a national election; and we did not lose out the poll this time due to local issues. Bigger national issues were at play. I will not go into the details or merits or demerits of the case. My party has accepted collective responsibility… very few parties will do that”, Chingwang told this journalist over phone.
The NDPP crucial meeting “unanimously” agreed that success or failure is a collective responsibility and take this mandate as a collective responsibility of the party and Legislators.
This resolution was adopted at a joint meeting of NDPP office bearers and NDPP Parliamentary Party held at Kohima on June 12.
Chingwang said, “The NDPP-led opposition-less Government is functioning smoothly and is working with all sincerity for all sections of people. But parliamentary election often throws up surprises and I tell my colleagues, that’s the best charm of democracy.”
“You all are hyping about Congress win in 2024 polls…Can you imagine many years back, I was Independent candidate and won Lok Sabha election against Rano Shaiza of UDF. I had polled 145,969 votes and it came over 51% and Madam Rano could get 140,210 votes. My victory margin was 5759 votes.
“What I mean is Lok Sabha election time several issues work in voters’ mind…national and even international issues”, he underlined.
Moreover, he said 1971 was another such instance when SC Jamir, a stalwart of NNO and a Union Deputy Railway Minister, lost to A Kevichusa of regional party UFN. “So, surprises happen in Lok Sabha election and this is the first time.”
He also said, “In 2024, the major issue in debate was Narendra Modi’s Government and issues related to governance… I will not go into any merits and demerits. The fact is sometime, people decide things on their own. The voters are our masters and we have to obey their diktats.”
Asked what kind of corrective steps were necessary and whether NDPP is regretting associating with the BJP, a former State Minister, who also headed Nagaland pradesh Congress said, “Some decisions are taken politically… It is not for sharing with the media or allow you to do some speculation. In politics, even Dr Manmohan Singh once said compulsion of coalition politics. We are heading a Government which has BJP and also other parties such as a strong regional outfit NPF. There are few other parties such as RPI and also NPP led by Conrad Sangma”.
Chingwang said, “Nagaland is at a crossroads… Certain things have not changed since they were in the ’90s…at the same time many things have changed on ground. I have always stated that Nagaland leaders and the State Government should play the role of a bridge between the Centre and the underground. We are still the facilitators and the NDPP stands for that as a matter of principle.”