NDPP demands disqualification of NPF candidate Dr Ato

NDPP demands disqualification of NPF candidate Dr Ato

Kohima, March 1: Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) candidate for 9-Kohima Town Assembly Constituency, Dr Neikiesalie (Nicky) Kire has demanded the disqualification of NPF candidate Dr Tseilhoutuo (Ato) Rhutso for carrying out criminal acts on the day of polling on February 27 last.
In a letter addressed to the Chief Electoral Officer Nagaland, the NDPP candidate charged Dr Ato of committing the highest degree of electioneering offence by producing mass fabrication of voter slips and forging the signature of the issuing authority which were used on the day of polling, whereby proxy voters were sent to cast their votes in his favour.
The incident took place between 10:30 am to 12 noon. CCTV/video coverage would prove the above, he said.
The fabricated voter slips were identical to the originals, he said, adding that this incident came to light when the NPF agents were caught red handed with booklets containing the fabricated and forged photo voter slips at Polling Station Nos. 29 (AG Colony, Upper-I) and 41 (Jail Colony). The CEO has announced repoll for Polling Station Nos. 29 (AG Colony, Upper-I).
The booklets which were seized have been submitted to the police and the Returning Officer, Dr Nicky said, while adding that this trait was also being practiced in almost all the Polling Stations since the duplicate photo voter slips were recovered in those areas.
The seizure of the above voter slips indicates that this is a pre planned exercise which was put into operation on the day of polling, he claimed.
The NPF candidate had pre-planned and strategized minutely as the use of the fabricated voter slips were carried out at around the same time in different polling stations, he alleged.
Further, Dr Nicky charged that the candidate entered the Polling Booth at Polling Station No. 41, Jail Colony Panchayat
Hall and started intimidating the voters to the extent of directing the Presiding/Polling Officers to tear the voter slips which was accordingly followed.
“This is very unbecoming of a candidate as he has no authority except to oversee how the poll is taking place,” he said.
Dr Nicky maintained that this may be the first of its kind to be recorded in the country where a candidate/political party has produced mass fabricated photo voter slips bearing forged seal and signature of the concerned authority.
“This deserves the highest quantum of condemnation and punishment,” he said while also expressing that with the above facts and circumstances, the candidate is liable to be disqualified.
He expressed that in the event this case is overlooked, it would lead to grave infirmity into our Constitutional rights and the Government machinery would only become mere puppets in the hands of some perverted minds.
The former minister said it is therefore necessary that immediate action be taken to disqualify Dr Tseilhoutuo Rhutso from his candidature for violating the statutory provisions of election law relating to corrupt practices and electoral offences.
Meanwhile, NDPP 9-Kohima Town A/C president Zotuo Kire and general secretary Mathew Solo filed a separate criminal case against Dr Ato in South Police Station for intimidation and terrorizing of voters on polling day.
They said that at around 10:30 am to 12 noon, while vote casting was going on peacefully, NPF candidate Dr. Ato entered Polling Booth No. 41 and started intimidating the peaceful voters by challenging them and even forcefully snatching away the voter’s slips and tearing them.
CCTV/video footage covering the Election process will prove the case, they said.
(Page News Service)