Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NDPP congratulates NLA Speaker

Dimapur, July 16: The NDPP and all its ranks have congratulated the Speaker of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly for delivering justice in the matter related to the disqualification petition of seven MLAs.
In a press statement, the NDPP commended that the matter was not prolonged and lengthened in any manner, but the judgment was given without any delays whatsoever, unlike past records and what is happening in other parts.
“Sufficient opportunities were given to all concerned parties in an equitable manner without any signs of favouritism towards any party. The Honourable Speaker has exemplified the foundations on which the NDPP stands, which is for justice and fairness,” it said.
The NDPP also appreciated the Leader of Opposition (LoP) and former Chief Minister TR Zeliang for “finally” speaking the truth wherein he stated that the speaker (quote) “has done justice and has carried out the proceedings of the case for the first time in the history of Nagaland Assembly, that he allowed both parties to examine the witnesses and to cross examine the petitioners by the respondents lawyers and the petitioners lawyers were allowed to cross examine the respondents’ witnesses.”
The NDPP said the LoP’s observations puts on record the fact that the Speaker has upheld justice. It recalled that the former NPF Speaker in the 12th NLA had “blatantly disqualified” four BJP legislators, the decision which was later overturned by the Court. “With the Leader of Opposition categorically stating that the proceedings were held in a fair manner for the first time in NLA history, he has straightened the record and acknowledged the partisan conduct of his own party Speaker in the past,” it added.
(Page News Service)