NDPP clarifies on its publicity campaign

NDPP clarifies on its publicity campaign

Dimapur, February 27: The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) today reiterated that the entire rank and file of the party has carried out a responsible and mature campaign without deviating from the model code of conduct.
“We have abstained from making personalized attacks, throwing dirt at others and ensured that we conducted ourselves in a manner that reflects a responsible political party,” a press release issued by its media and communications committee stated adding, “Our campaign in all forms of media-electronic, social and print media has also been carried out in a responsible and positive manner.
The NDPP said it has abstained from spreading rumors and have not created any false propaganda or spread lies, but focused on facts, truth and its vision for Nagaland and its citizens.
It further said the advertisement campaigns in print media, displays on billboards and the posters and banners of the party and the alliance have all be carried out with strict adherence to the model code of conduct.
“Each and every advertisement and publicity materials of the NDPP and the NDPP-BJP alliance have been released into the public domain only after orders of clearance issued by the election department after the contents, designs and dates of cirulation/publication/display have been obtained from the Election Commission. These clearance documents are also released to the media institutions along with the advertisements to be published,” it said adding only after observance of multiple layers of clearance can an advertisement be published.
The NDPP also clarified that the advertisements that appeared in local print media on February 26 contained highlights of the Prime Minister’s speech which was delivered on 22nd March 2018 and it did not make any commitment nor announce any package but rather repeated what was stated by the PM.
The party reiterated its commitment towards clean election campaign and assured that it would not deviate from the model code of conduct. (Page News Service)