Saturday, June 22, 2024

NDPP, BJP distribute ULB poll tickets for CTC, NTC & DMC

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, JUNE 10: The Bharatiya Janata Party and the National Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) today distributed tickets to respective candidates for the upcoming Municipal and Town Council elections in the State.
In a brief function held at the party’s office at 3rd Mile, the BJP distributed tickets to 10 candidates of Chumoukedima Town Council and 9 candidates of Niuland Town Council.
The BJP’s candidates for Chumoukedima are H Kasheli Achumi (Ward No. 1), Roko Shuya (Ward No. 2), Teisovilie Kire (Ward No. 3), Hovise Naleo (Ward No. 5), Thepfulhoutuo Shuya (Ward No. 6), Sanuo Ngullie (Ward No. 7), L Vikheto (Ward No. 8), V Bohoto Achumi (Ward No. 9 and Imti Naro Yhoshu (Ward No. 10).
The BJP’s candidates for Niuland are Visheli Zhimomi (Ward No. 1), V Samuel Holo (Ward No. 2), Ikhadu Zhimomi (Ward No. 3), G Tozheli Sema (Ward No. 4), Kahoi Holo (Ward No. 5), Vitozhe Sema (Ward No. 6), Vikheli Chishi (Ward No. 7), Shihoto Zhimo (Ward No. 8) and Kakheka Zhimomi (Ward No. 9).
State BJP president, Benjamin Yepthomi also released the names of the candidates for Dimapur Municipal Council. The candidates are Mewew Lasuh (Ward No. 1), Hokuto Zhimo (Ward No. 2), Pikuto K Kiko (Ward No. 3), Hemlu Gonmei (Ward No. 4), Kuhoi Zhimo (Ward No. 5), V Khekato Awomi (Ward No. 6), Aghatoli Y Tuccu (Ward No. 7), George Ayemi (Ward No. 8) and Kivikali H Chishi (Ward No. 22).
Talking to reporters on the sidelines of the ticket distribution ceremony, Minister for PHED, Jacob Zhimomi congratulated Prime Minister Naredran Modi for becoming the Prime Minister for India for the 3rd time. He said the people of the country has given him the mandate and so all the aspirations of the Government and also the aspirations of the people of the Northeast and other parts of the country have been fulfilled
“We are very positive and optimistic. We have many issues to be settled in the Northeast, particularly in the State of Nagaland. It is in right hands and is headed in the right direction”, he said.
Replying on the BJP’s focus in the key areas in the ULB elections, Jacob said that the party would explore the minds of the people the basic requirement, ward necessities, proper drainage facilities by the ward, etc, adding upgradation of health centre and many other facilities which are required for town dwellers would be taken up on priority.
He also hoped that once the municipalities are constituted, then many of the privileges the town areas which have not received for the last 20 years, i.e., assistance from the Central Government, because there were no ULB would be take care of. “Now we will have the ULBs and justice will be done. ULBs will be assisting the State Government”, he said
On rumours about hundreds of crores of backlog/arrears being pending, the PHE Minister replied in negative and said all are assumptions.
“We are happy that Naga people have agreed for women reservation upto 33% and that is how we are heading for the election process. Very soon the people will enjoy the fruits of democracy”, he said.
Replying to a query, he said both the NDPP and BJP have agreed that constituencies represented by the BJP on those town and municipal areas, the BJP will contest and on NDPP constituencies they will contest.
Meanwhile, the NDPP declared the party candidates for Dimapur Municipal Council today. The candidates are Neingutoulie Kenguruse (Ward No. 2), Namduadi Rangkau Zeliang (Ward No. 3), Tokheli (Ward No. 6), Lanutoshi Steven Yaden (Ward No. 9); H Nikali Zhimo (Ward No. 10), Phyobemo Odyuo (Ward No. 11), Yimkumba (Ward No. 12), R Chubala Ao (Ward No. 13), Achum Jami (Ward No. 14), Hukheto Yepthomi (Ward No. 15), Nzanbeni Humtsoe (Ward No. 16), T Vikheho Zhimomi (Ward No. 17); Nampiebeu (Ward No. 18), Kili N Sumi (Ward No. 19); Lanuchuba Imchen (Ward No. 20); Imlinaro Stephanie Ezung (Ward No. 21); Orenponi Humtsoe (Ward No. 22); and Limawati Imchen (Ward No. 23).
The NDPP also declared candidates for Medziphema Town Council which are as follows: Neisaleno Khro (Ward No 1); Thangminlen Singsit (Ward No. 2); Megozelhou Kuotsu (Ward No. 3); Kelengunuo Zumu (Ward No. 4); Asazo Talie (Ward No. 5); Bano Khanyo (Ward No. 6); Seyievinuo Vitsu (Ward No. 7); Abei Thepa (Ward No. 8) and Vikhehiepie Siria (Ward No. 9)
The candidates for East Dimapur Town Council are Lireni Ovung (Ward No. 1); Niuto Awomi (Ward No. 2); Kashito Kiho (Ward No. 3); Manna Zhimo (Ward No. 4); K Hokuto Murrumi (Ward No. 5); Kanato (Ward No. 6); Olotoli A Yeptho (Ward No. 7); Razu-o Dozo (Ward No. 8); Alemla Tovi (Ward No. 9); Krishna Mech (Ward No. 10) and Phushito Sema (Ward No. 11).
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