Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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NCSU highlights PMGSY work allotment anomalies to Union RD Minister

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 24: The Nagaland Contractors & Suppliers’ Union (NCSU) has urged the Minister for Rural Development, Government of India, to allot work order on one firm/one work order during III Phase of PMGSY in Nagaland
In a representation to the Union Minister, the NCSU stated that the Registered Contractors of Nagaland honoured the Ministry of Rural Development, GoI, for implementation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) for upliftment of the country since 2000-2001 and the people of rural India greatly benefitted during PMGSY-I & II.
However, it said it is setback to see the adamance of State Government of Nagaland particularly (NPWD) Road & Bridges development on behalf of Rural Department floated (NIT) 40 projects clustered into 16 packages only as most of the District has been cluster together with another District which is practically not possible by any super contractors to complete work as per schedule, rather it would be a total failure this popular PMGSY programme in the State of Nagaland.
The representation signed by NCSU president, Pele Khezhie and general secretary, John Kath stated that in the past over the years (NIT) were invited as per project wise similarly in the year 2017, there was 19 packages in various districts and accordingly 19 firm were awarded work order as per merit of bidding and in the year 2019, while 13 packages accordingly awarded 13 work order as per bidding.
The Union said it found many anomalies in the (NIT) PMGSY-III batch-I 2023-2024 NO NGRRDA P-III/Tender/2023-2024 Kohima dated the 25th August 2023.
The NCSU informed that it wrote a representation to Minister of Nagaland on 21-07-2023 to break up 40 packages and allot work order one Firm/one work order in Nagaland. Moreover, National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency has issued detailed guidelines for construction of minimum 15% of road length by using New Technologies under PMGSY. States and Union Territories would mandatorily construct roads under PMGSY-III by also using plastics waste within the minimum 15% of road length prescribed for new technologies as envisaged in the detailed guidelines issued by NRIDA.
It further stated that works would be packaged so as to attract competent contractors with modern machinery and equipment and capable of nurturing small contractors. Meanwhile, NPWD (R&B) invite (NIT) PMGSY-III batch-I 2023-2024 dated 25 August 2023 undermining Union representation.
The NCSU further wrote another representation to Chief Engineer (R&B) PWD, Government of Nagaland, on dated 6/9/2023 to keep abeyance of (NIT) PMGSY-III Batch-I 2023-2024, till rectification of anomalies are been done. However, it said there was no response from the good office of Chief Engineer PWD (R&B).
The NCSU urged the Union Minister to intervene and take necessary action for the best interest of deserving registered contractors of Nagaland.
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