NCS probationers celebrate Moatsu


Dimapur, May 3: NCS probationers along with officers and staff of ATI celebrated Moatsu festival on May 2 at Multipurpose Hall, ATI Kohima.
Various stages of labour, hard work and ritual have to be crossed before the happy celebration, said Additional Director ATI, Kevekha Kevin Zehol. A time for the best and finest sacrifices of what one have awaits in the form of festival after this long hard-working period, he said.
The festivals of each tribe are important for your careers, Kevin Zehol said. He stated that each of the probationers has been put to the place they are in with a purpose. He encouraged them to contribute their best to the State and the people during their career.
Moatsu is a pre-harvest festival celebrated by the Ao Nagas to invoke the blessing of god for healthy growth of crops, said EAC (P), Chubasanen Ozukum, highlighting the significance of the festival.
The British Administrator P.F Adams in 1946 with the help of the Dobashis and the Ao Students’ Conference did away the earlier practice of celebrating the festival at different times in different places, by issuing an order directing all Aos to celebrate the festival between 1st to 6th May every year, he apprised. He also briefed on the various festival activities including feasting, traditional games, dances, and exchange of gifts besides others during the festival.
EAC (P), Obangnener Jamir enthralled the celebration with Moatsu tunes. The tunes consisted of a song crying out for challenges along the way, a song of a warrior before going to the battle and a narration song of an Ao village. EAC (P), Imtinungla Longkumer highlighted on the various aspects and significance of the Ao Naga women necklace and shawl besides the special Ao dishes.
EAC (P), Khiuzan Kaurinta who chaired the programme, delivered the welcome speech. EAC (P) Kevethito Rose and Moasunep Sangtam pronounced the vote of thanks and benediction respectively.
(Page News Service)