Thursday, June 24, 2021

NCFK urges Nagaland Govt to evacuate stranded Nagas in Kolkata

Dimapur, May 7: The Naga Chritian Fellowship Kolkata (NCFK) has urged the Nagaland Government to take urgent measures to evacuate Nagas stranded in Kolkata.
The NCFK urged Nagaland Chief Minister to give out a clear directive for evacuation process at the earliest possible time and reassure the Nagas stranded in Kolkata and other cities as well.
In an appeal to the Chief Minister, the NCFK stated that there are more than 400 stranded Nagas in Kolkata who are apprehensively waiting for the government’s arrangement for evacuation.
Stating that the NCFK has been trying to help them in terms of ration and cash as per the need, it said the Fellowship is not in a position to sustain the relief works further due to limited resources.
Stating that there has been a cloud of uncertainty with regard to the evacuation process for stranded Nagas outside of Northeast, the NCFK said the only clear official directive as of now is the directive to stay where they are, which under the present distressing circumstance is adding more anxiety and doubt as they await for a positive communiqué from the Government.
As the fight against the pandemic turns into a fight for survival, many have even started considering walking back home to Nagaland on foot, the NCFK stated. (Page News Service)