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NCD reviews recent 2-day indefinite shutter down at Dimapur

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DIMAPUR, MAY 7: The Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) today said that the recent indefinite shutter down of shops and business establishments in Dimapur by the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) had brought out the common issue/cause related to multiple taxation/extortion/collection/donation, etc. by various groups/individuals/syndicates/welfare associations/unions which mostly affected peaceful business activities particularly.
In a review meeting held on the 2-day indefinite shutter down in Dimapur district, the NCD and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) stated that the move had received “an overwhelming solidarities and supports from right thinking CSOs and almost it become mass movement covering the entire State and the movement could have aggravated more, had not the District Administration and law enforcing agencies intervened in time”.
According to a press release issued by NDC president, Etsungmomo Kikon and general secretary, LK Peter Anal, during the meeting, it was observed that the shutter down was necessitated due to unabated and never ending multiple tax collections/extortions/donations by various groups/syndicates and Welfare Associations/Unions and NGOs which made public unable to do any business, and even the vegetable vendors who come from far rural areas to sell goods for their survival are not spared. This was reason why recent shutter down has received an overwhelming public support not only in Dimapur district alone but the people of the entire State, it said.
The NCD and Dimapur based COSs appreciated the State Government of Nagaland for taking the issue in seriousness, taking immediate and prompt action in issuing clarification to the charter of demands of DCCI in regard to indefinite shutter down in Dimapur district. Further, the State Government had conveyed full assurance to the people of the State in dealing all such illegal activities and for safety and protection of people, it stated.
The NCD acknowledged the Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur Dr. Tinojungshi Chang and Kevithuto Sophie, Commissioner of Police, for their timely intervention and well coordination with the Civil Society Organizations and State Government at the high level, thereby call off of the indefinite shutter down was negotiated to ease the inconvenience of the public.
The NCD further appealed to the State Government to extend its special attention to the security of public and business communities and also to install all round efficient administrative system to free Dimapur from anti-social and illegal business activities, city goons and monopoly market syndicators, drug traffickers and users as the Dimapur District, particularly in city area, has its social complexity and vulnerability to any evil activities by many people whose motives are to earn overnight through unfair business in Dimapur.
In the wake of the recent shutter down of business establishments called by DCCI, opposing the multiple money collections from shops and business establishments, the CSOs categorically stated that it was never in the intention of DCCI, targeting particular Naga Political Groups (NPGs).
“Within the cognizance of the NCD too, it is undeniable fact that most of the money collections from the traders/business communities are done in the name of some NPGs and even through adopting different modus operandi to loot businessmen. Therefore, any Naga organization not cooperating the move against the menace of extortions and multiple taxations/money collections, it will be termed ‘unfortunate'”, the release stated
The meeting further observed that one evil business practice in Dimapur is that there are numerous business syndicates in the city monopolized by outsiders who have linked system with local bodies which has adversely affected petty local business men including local vegetable vendors coming from rural villages in Dimapur market areas.
It said concerned authorities, including NPGs, should see that syndicate system is legally abolished once and for all and any citizen interested in business should be free avenue individually in Dimapur competitive market. The NCD appealed to concerned district administrative authorities and NPGs to legally discourage the practice of syndicate business in Dimapur, so as to give local businessmen a chance to development their business.
“Multiple taxation/extortion of money from public and summoning/kidnapping for ransom is serious issue and is the main hindrance of economic growth and sustenance. To contain and eradicate all such illegal activities it requires cooperation from every walk of life and the State Government including various groups of Naga National Political Groups”, the release stated.
Naga Council Dimapur appealed to all CSOs/citizens and the NPGs and the State Government to ponder together so as to create congenial atmosphere/environment for free and competitive market in Dimapur.
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