Thursday, June 17, 2021
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NCD questions delay in COVID-19 test results of citizens

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‘Are lives of VIP’s more important than citizens in Dimapur?’

Dimapur, July 30: The Naga Council Dimapur has demanded answers from the State Government on why results of the samples of more than 70 staff of Nagaland State Transport (NST) GM Office Dimapur taken on July 24 is yet to be given whereas the results of VIPs, their bodyguards and drivers tested on July 26 have been given out.
“Why are the results of the commoners whose samples were collected on 24.07.2020 still not been given? Are the lives of VIP’s more important than the rest of the citizens in Dimapur? Or do we have special quota even for getting the basic necessity at this hour?” it asked in a letter to Chief Minister of Nagaland.
In the letter issued submitted through the office of the DC Dimapur, NCD vice president K Ghokheto Chophy and general secretary Thsapongkyu Sangtam said last week when some staff of NST GM office Dimapur tested COVID-19 positive, the office was sealed and all staff gave their samples on July 24 but till today the results have not been given out.
Stating that 5 TrueNat machines were given to Dimapur District, the NCD asked where the TrueNat are being used, and why can’t the samples be confirmed through the TrueNat?
“All the staff members have self quarantined themselves with their ate hanging in balance for almost a week now unsure of whether their test results will be positive or negative. And if tested positive they should be given immediate medical treatment. Along with it the life of all their family members are also at risk. It has been a huge mental stress for everyone involved.”
BSL-2: The NCD also demanded to know how the recently inaugurated BSL-2 Lab at CIHSR has been rendered out of service.
“There are reports doing the rounds that the chemicals and reagents have run out of stock. If it is so, then why has these needed materials not been restocked immediately? With growing number of positive cases rising each day, why have the authorities responsible not taken stock of the situation? The entire population is at stake if more cases come up. Who is going to take the risk for such lapses? Are these requirements not informed in advance?” it asked.
Stating that the Medical Department should take the responsibility of such issue, and along with it, the Dimapur District administration should also be held responsible, the NCD said, “We cannot tolerate such serious lapses at present and remain silent. The public has the right to demand justice and know all the details.”
Demanding the Government to address the problem immediately before public rage fall on them, the NCD warned that if the demand is not answered in the next 1-2 days, the issues will be taken to the streets of Dimapur by the public.
“Government cannot stay quiet now after dumping all the people from outside in Dimapur, making Dimapur a hot zone. Dimapur will not be a dustbin for COVID-19 and we cannot be treated as a second class citizen,” it stated.
The NCD also demanded that BSL-3 be installed immediately at Dimapur District Hospital. (Page News Service)