Friday, June 18, 2021

NCD condemns ‘gangster attitude’ of NPGs

Dimapur, August 22: The Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) has condemned the recent killing and standoff between factions in and around Dimapur, and has called for retrain from the Naga groups.
In a press release, the NCD said there is constant threat to peace perpetrated by one or the other NPGs through organized crimes and killing.
Stating that it totally condemns and abhors the gun culture that is spreading in Dimapur areas, the NCD said it does not condone the “gangster attitude, combat operation against each other, killing people in front of family members and children, those criminal activities in crowded places and residential areas.”
“Wielding gun does not in any way give anyone the license to commit crimes and threaten others,” it said.
Questioning the conduct of NPGs, the NCD said general Naga public has had enough that in the name of Naga movement, our State is marred by factionalism and violence, infighting among leaders leading to emergence of new groups and faction. It asked NPGs to strictly discipline respective cadres and members; lest the Naga movement remains a problem forever.
Meanwhile the NCD appreciated the State Government and the law enforcing agency for quick handling of the law and order situation in Dimapur and encouraged the agencies to implement due measures to contain matters that affect public peace.
The NCD added it looks forward to State Governor and interlocutor of Naga peace talks, RN Ravi to bring lasting peace and early settlement to the protracted Naga issue. (Page News Service)