Friday, May 7, 2021
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NBSE notify schools to conduct Class 10 to 12 model tests


DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 3: The Nagaland Board of School Education has notified all Heads of registered institutions under NBSE with regard to Board exams of Class X, XII and promotion examinations of Class XI.

In a notification, NBSE asked schools to have a plan to keep on tracking the learning outcomes of their students and prepare them for the Board examinations of Class X, XII and promotion examinations of Class XI.
The NBSE notified that model tests should be conducted through online/offline mode, while encouraging schools having online facilities to conduct the model test online. Model test/online tests shall be conducted for the students of Classes X, XI and XII from December 2020 to February 5, 2021 by the registered institutions.
It informed that the questions/test items for model tests should be set for total full marks as prescribed in the reduced syllabi in all subjects. All activities carried out for model, preparatory tests and assessment must be recorded subject-wise by the concerned teacher.
The model test/preparatory assignments should be conducted within the reduced syllabus. Besides the reduced syllabus, students can also be encouraged to intensively study the prescribed course for their career progression.
NBSE asked schools to conduct the model tests in batches/parts in the form of giving assignments/questions in batches/parts through online or offline mode. Questions that can be answered by the students without taking much time such as MCQs or short answer questions should be used in the model test. Similarly, different forms of questions prepared as per the design of the question paper issued by the Board can be considered for the model tests.
Informing that the Board has come out with the blueprint of the question papers for each subject for the 2021 Board examinations of HSLC & HSSLC and Class XI promotion, the NBSE informed that the blue print of the question papers shall be made available in the Board’s website: It asked the Heads of institutions to inform the subject teachers to go through the blue print of different subjects and prepare the questions to assess/evaluate the students.
The NBSE noted that the question papers of HSLC 2021, HSSLC 2021 and Class XI promotion examinations 2021 will be based on the blueprint being made available. It asked schools to ensure that teachers are acquainted with the given blue print of their respective subject and the test items are prepared accordingly for the Model Tests.
Schools must ensure that the teacher prepares the different forms of questions to be sent in batches/parts ahead of time, which are as per the design of the question paper. Schools must inform their students to send their answers honestly, whether on online or offline mode.
For schools not having connectivity, NBSE suggested that photocopy of the typed questions can be given to the students and the answers collected back at a specified time in batches taking all preventive measures outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the context of COVID-19 issued by the Government from time to time.
It reminded that schools must assess and record the activities conducted under internal assessment areas as per the given guidelines for different subjects, referring the reduced syllabi. (Refer letters on “Reduced syllabi of Classes X, XI and XII for the academic session 2020, marks distribution, Question Paper Design and Internal assessment areas” dated September 1, 2020.)
After the submission of answers by the students through online/offline mode, the answers must be checked by the subject teachers. The marks secured by students in the model tests should be entered in the given specified forms along with the internal marks, and emailed to the designated email IDs: (a) Form: Progress Report of Class X Model Test – email: For Class X:; (b) Form: Progress Report of Classes XI/XII Model Test. E-mails: For Class XI:; For Class XII:
All schools have been asked to conduct the model test and submit their results individually.
The NBSE informed that no fixed date routine for the model test will be given by the Board. The results of the model tests along with internal marks must be emailed to the Board from February 6, 2021 to February 12, 2021.
The NBSE requested all Heads of institutions to adopt the following remedial measures to track the learning outcomes of the students: Students who could not do well in the tests/assessments should be identified and remedial teaching be given and followed by reassessment. Checking and reviewing the performance and growth of students’ learning is important for resolving the students’ deficit areas.

Teachers should focus and work on the grey areas where students are facing learning difficulties.
Parents must be updated on their wards’ performance, attendance through online or offline mode.
Activities which would help release the mental stress of the students in these trying times should also be taken up by the schools.
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