Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Business community resents ‘No Parking’ in Kohima town


KOHIMA, SEPTEMBER 1: The Traders Road Business Association (TRBA), Kohima, has lashed out at the proposal of the notification of the Kohima Smart City Development Limited (KSCDL) to enforce ‘No Parking” from Y Junction to Razhü Point of Kohima town.

The resentment was expressed today by TRBA, Kohima, convener Peter Rutsa along with co-convener Keloungutuo Solo and treasurer Keneikhrielie Mepfu-o during a press conference held at Hotel Crescent International here.
The business communities and entrepreneurs in the capital town are faced with different challenges including unabated illegal taxation while the last more than year has been disturbed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
While the business communities are yet to recover from the losses due to the pandemic, they lamented that the KSCDL has notified enforcement of ‘No Parking Zone’ from Y junction to Razhü Point from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, especially at the Old NST area to convert it into recreational park for public.
This will create huge problems for customers using vehicles and ultimately affect the business community in the town area as their customers would shift to other areas for want of parking space, they said.
Parking of vehicles on the stretch notified as ‘No Parking’ in Traders Road has not been hindering the free flow of traffic, asserted Rutsa while agreeing that at times there are some random parking which can be controlled if Traffic personnel are deployed along the area for traffic regulation.
On the allocation of North Gate of Local Ground and under construction sites at City Centre at Old Secretariat Complex and Multi-level Parking at New NST, the TRBA officials said these are temporary solutions.
Local ground is meant for sports and conduct of several other events, and if sporting activities commence parking there will be difficult while resumption of construction work in City Centre would also consume parking space while the Multi-parking building in New NST is under construction and does not have any space currently.
Enforcing No Parking zone in the town area would result in loss of crores of rupees to the business community, they said.
Affirming that the business communities of the area are also in support of the Smart Capital City, they opined that it was wrong to solve the problem of public amusement parks in the main town by creating problems for the business community.

They also expressed their willingness to allow creation of public space during the weekends but not throughout the week.
Meanwhile, TRBA, Kohima, officials also lamented that the authorities concerned, especially KSCDL, have never consulted the business community in the area for imposition of no parking zone. The authorities have not even tried to convince the business community, they said.
They said that following the notification to enforce No Parking in town, the recently formed TRBA, Kohima, has conveyed resentment through various platforms and even through the Kohima Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) but there has been no positive response from the authorities.
We are ready to listen to their proposals and come at proper solution for the overall benefit, they asserted.
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