Thursday, April 22, 2021

NBSE informs heads of institutions

Nagaland News

Dimapur, April 5: The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) has informed all heads of registered institutions that the Union Ministry of Education has directed State Boards to administer an aptitude test for students of Classes IX and X.

This aptitude test titled, TAMANNA (Try And Measure Aptitude And Natural Abilities) developed by the National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), aims to support students in making choices regarding educational/vocational courses as well as career-related decisions and enable stakeholders to know the aptitude of students of Classes IX and X.
The details about use of aptitude test, dimensions measured in the test, construction and standardization of the test, administration and scoring, and understanding the meaning of aptitude test scores are available in the following manuals:
a) Test booklet which contains items related to the seven dimensions, i.e. language aptitude, abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, mechanical reasoning, numerical aptitude, spatial aptitude and perceptual aptitude.
b) Guide for teachers and parents for administration, scoring and understanding the test scores.
c) Technical manual which provides details of test construction and standardization.
Two videos have also been prepared to familiarise school principals and teachers with different aspects of the aptitude test. Soft copy (PDF) and videos are also available on

A school-wise report about the students who have taken the test in the prescribed format may be furnished directly to the National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) at
All heads of registered institutions have been requested to administer this test for the students of Classes IX and X.( Page News Service)