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NBCC, DBWU celebrate International Women’s Day

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Dimapur, March 10: NBCC Women Department and Dimapur Baptist Women Union (DBWU) on Friday celebrated the International Women’s Day here at Town Baptist Church, Dimapur, through music, dance, and reflections on women rights, women in Bible, and digitization engulfing the lives of the people for the better and the worse.
Delivering the message on the occasion and dwelling on this year’s theme “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality” President of DBWU Khontele Seb stated that during the pandemic people were not able to see each other in person but continued interaction through digital means, but not everyone could do that. She said that during the same time, people who were not familiar with the technology were cut off from the rest of the world and remained behind and therefore the digital access for all has become significant.
Talking about how historically women had to rise above being second class citizens and fight for their rights which included voting and work, she said that women today are advancing fight and many might feel that women in the present times have all the rights, but it is not so. She mentioned the condition of women in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan and said that in countries like that women cannot study as well as escape abusive marriages.
She, however, also mentioned that women today have been to the space, became Prime Minister of India, and recently a women took charge as a minister in the Government of Nagaland. She called it breakthrough that women in the state have also taken up the profession of auto drivers and two-wheeler drivers.
She but claimed that getting caught in the feminist movement, women are misunderstanding feminism and pursue whatever man can do, when, feminism should be that women should also have equal rights as man, and at the same time, it needs to be understood that men and women both have very specific and different roles.
In her speech she also discouraged the over exposure of mobile phones, saying that while technology is the blessing from God, but if people misuse it, it can become curse. She said that people have become addicted to their phones, have become more productive, but at the same time too distracted. She added that people now are parts of too many social media groups but lonely in their lives.
Earlier, in the welcome address, Visasieu Dolie, Women Secretary, NBCC stated that equal rights for men and women is the very foundation of the Christian principles and women, instead of pulling down each other, must uphold each other.
She urged the mothers to treat their children, both boys and girls equally or else the circle of inequality will continue which needs to be broken.
Assisi Centre
International Women’s Day was celebrated by Assisi Centre for Integrated Development-cum-NDWM Nagaland Region at Assisi Auditorium in Dimapur on March 8.
A press release informed that Sr. Pramila, Director of ACID and NDWM, in her welcome address, stated that the gathering will seek to explore the impact of digital gender gap on widening economic and social inequalities and spotlight the importance of protecting the right of female gender.
“As we celebrate women’s achievements and progress made towards gender equality, we must also acknowledge that there is still much work to be done. Women continue to face barriers and discrimination in many areas of life, including education, employment, healthcare, and politics. Women also face a disproportionate burden of care work and are more likely to experience violence and harassment”, she said.
Chief Guest, Khekali Y Sema, DCP (Crime) Dimapur, explained how to live in a digital world by being cautious. She said that instances of cybercrime were high. “We can commit crime from here in Nagaland at another place”, she said while warning that there are high chances of becoming victims too.
“Cases like bank account misuse, financial fraudster is the trend of the days. To get easy money they will approach you to open the account offering some sum of money. Do not get carried away by few amount of money. Be on guard. Online shopping, online payments, links to accept which are very easily accessible; we get influenced by them and easily carried away. Be on guard”, she cautioned.
The DCP also warned them not to chat or interact with unknown persons on social media. Special Guest, Sr. Juliana, spoke on the beauty of women and the role played in the family and the society.
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