Sunday, May 9, 2021
Page Mail

NAYO acknowledges

Dear Madam
At a grim time where the pandemic strike has halt the normal functioning of human life and its activities and where the situation looks dim and uneasy, the empathy and the co-relation seems to blend higher and bridging near and far alike.
In the midst of the rough times, to uplift public health and stability within the surroundings, new fresh spots of green plants and flowers are added in the town roads and sideways to sanitize the area, serve as dust trapper in the prevailing season as well beautify the town.
With the goodwill contribution by the generous individual and groups, the public and stakeholders of shop owners, building owners owe them the obligation to care and nurture the green plants in maintaining co-relation brightly.
The NAYO deeply acknowledges the goodwill measures taken by the generous contributors and also anticipate further positive contribution or if any by any individual or group willing to contribute in various forms to beautify the area.
And more so prays that sound health reign amongst us during these rough times of pandemic.
Roko Angami                                             Neilhouvolie Chatsu
President                                                     Joint Secretary
NAYO                                                            NAYO