Saturday, February 27, 2021

Natural wealth

We know that we are facing multiple environmental problems today. To most of the problems, we do have better solutions with us, but we are not interested and we ignore them. For instance most of us think; why carry a bag from home to purchase some fruits and vegetables, the vendor will pack it in polythene bag (despite it being banned). One thing we forget is that this polythene is hazardous and secondly it is not even free. For how many days we will throw every shit in the nearby drains and parks. It is one such instance where every individual can contribute to his or her environment. Let us take for instance water consumed by us. How much water do we waste during a day? We wash with running taps without knowing about the amount we waste. By wasting water we are misusing the money of ours. The entire resources including water are gifted to us by the Almighty. And we are accountable to God for the use of these resources bestowed to humans. It is our ancestors who used water judiciously from the times immemorial and it is because of their foresight we are getting water today. All these resources present today have been inherited and it is our duty to pass them to our future generations to come. In our houses, offices, etc. on an average one to two taps are leaking but who cares. In the past we used to have kitchen gardens and orchards which we used to look after ourselves. We used manure to increase fertility of the land. But now-a-days the scenario has entirely changed. We have become more ambitious to grow more and more. To fulfill our desire we use pesticides, chemical fertilizer, insecticides and what not so that no room is left for damage to the crop. No doubt production increased (not long lasting) but at the cost of our environment. We have concentrated so much of chemicals in the fruits and vegetables that it has become a health hazard. Now surely an apple a day will not keep the doctor away or for that matter any other fruit or vegetable. Young and dynamic environmentalists can do lot of research in this field (bioaccumulation, etc.) and it will be helpful for the community. Owning big or small cars has become a status symbol today. Whether we are able to afford it or not, but it must either be in our courtyard or at a public place (parked in street). Ambulances, fire extinguishers may come to the localities to rescue our lives but it may fail to serve the purpose because our narrow road/street is occupied by vehicles during days and nights. The government should seriously look into the improvement of public transport in terms of its connectivity and infrastructure. Today we have become habitual of traveling in cars, two-wheelers even for walk-able distances. This habit of ours has cost us our health in the first place and fossil fuels in the second. In the past our forefathers would prefer to walk. They were neither obese nor diabetic. Their health was better than what is ours today. During the earlier periods the air was free from dust and smoke. Water was not stinking, forests were there to welcome and the destruction was very little. If we are able to inculcate habit of walking for shorter distances and use public transport preferably for longer journeys, we would be able to save ourselves from many diseases. And also at the same time will be able to conserve resource like petrol, diesel and gas. The point is that we humans exert a very large adverse effect on majority of resources. Whenever we have to fulfill our greed, not need, we go to any extent. We know if we continue to destroy forests, pollute lakes and rivers, and clear the mountains, one day we have to regret. Most probably, we know the obligations of the future generations but we ignore it. We are well aware of the ecological crisis of the present times. We know the vagaries and tragedies but still we don’t value the environment. The question is how much we care for our environment. We need to mend our ways and end the exploitation of every resource.