Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Nat’l Lok Adalat in Nagaland disposes 326 cases in single day

Dimapur, July 14: National Lok Adalat was conducted in 10 district headquarters constituting 10 Lok Adalat Benches. In today’s Lok Adalat, 949 cases were listed before the bench for settlement of which 326 cases were successfully settled.
The total settlement amount involved in the disposed and settled cases amounts to Rs. 2,47,68,521. The settlement amount includes the fine money, Bank recovery money, compensation money, etc. Among the disposed cases, 39 cases which were presently pending in the courts at various levels were disposed off and 287 cases at pre-litigation stages i.e. prior to approaching the Courts were referred and disposed during the Lok Adalat sittings.
The Lok Adalat sitting benches were held within the premises of the District Court buildings and prior to the holding of Lok Adalat, citizens were informed to come and settle their disputes/cases at the National Lok Adalat.
District Legal Services Authorities have also been coordinating and sending communications to the Banks, the Insurance companies, Departments in the Public Utility sector and other parties and litigants for appearing before the National Lok Adalat for amicable settlement of disputes and cases.
Today’s cases referred and taken up for settlement were dealt mostly on Bank Recovery cases, Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT) cases, Civil cases and also a few Cases on Criminal compoundable offenses cases which were both at per-litigation stage and pending stage, meaning the cases pending before the subordinate courts.
Before commencing the Lok Adalat sittings, District Legal Services Authorities organized short Awareness programmes, encouraging and apprising the public on the benefits of settling dispute through Lok Adalat. Judicial officers acted as presiding officers and the Panel Lawyers served as conciliators along with the Para legal Volunteers who acted as members. The proceedings were also conducted in local dialects for convenience of the uneducated litigants without stressing much on legal technicalities.
Lok Adalats have been given statutory status under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.
This type of National Lok Adalat is held at regular intervals throughout the country and the next National Lok Adalat is scheduled to be held on September 8. (Page News Service)