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National Lok Adalat held in Nagaland

Lok Adalat

Dimapur, December 11: District Legal Services Authorities today conducted National LokAdalat (Peoples Court) all across the State in concert with the rest of the country. There were 11 Lok Adalat sitting benches constituted in the respective District Headquarters.
A total of 212 cases/disputes were disposed off in the State Lok Adalat out of the total 736 disputes/matters/cases listed for compromise settlement which includes cases in pending stage as well as in pre-litigation stage mostly in the category of bank Recovery, Criminal Compoundable cases & Motor Accident Cases Tribunal (MACT). Settlement amount involved in some of the cases amounts to a total of Rs. 3,08,64,322 only.
The success of the disposal in cases was achieved through arbitration, conciliation and amicable efforts by conciliators which was preside over by the Judges of the subordinate Courts in the Districts. This Settlement Amount is the amount mutually agreed for payment between the litigants (or) parties who are involved in a dispute where the parties on arriving at a consensus, the willing amount to settle the disputes for the damaged caused or a negotiated amount for payment on a claim by a party. Settlement amount also includes the fine money, Bank recovery money, money suits, compensation money, etc.
The Nagaland State Legal Services Authority also expressed acknowledgement to the Bank officials in various part of the State because of their enthusiastic and amenable participation in the Lok Adalat, for settling cases on bank recovery cases and cases under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act which are permissible under the jurisdiction of the Lok Adalat Scheme.
The Zunheboto DLSA conducted Lok Adalat on December 11 at District Court Complex and disposed 5 cases taken up with a settlement amount of Rs 15, 89,616.
Kiphire DLSA conducted National LokAdalat on December 10. Judicial Magistrate (First Class) cum Secretary Kiphire DLSA Cheliam Khiamniungan, NJS briefed the importance of Lok Adalat and its benefits. The Lok Adalat was conducted by one Presiding officer and one conciliator with Bank representatives from SBI Kiphire Branch and NSCB LTD, Kiphire. 37 cases were taken up out of which 3 cases were disposed of. The total settlement amount was Rs. 4,73,583 only.
Wokha conducted National Lok Adalat on December 11. Develu Vero, District &Sessions Judge, Wokha cum Presiding Officer highlighted the importance and significance of Lok Adalat. Khrievono Seletsu JMFC cum Secretary WDLSA, Presiding Officer and other panel lawyers were present. Out of 10 pre-litigation cases, 7 cases were disposed and 1 pending case was taken up. The total settlement amount was Rs. 12,62,797.
Peren DLSA conducted National Lok Adalat at Jalukie Town, Rest House with Jalukie SBI, Peren SBI and Co-operative Bank. A total of 33 cases were taken up and all cases were disposed off with a settlement amount of Rs 26,34,188.
Tuensang DLSA conducted National LokAdalat where Principal District and Sessions Judge cum Chairman, Tuensang DLSA N. Longshithung Ezung and JMFC cum Secretary KumdilongKessenwere the Presiding Officer. Total Pre- litigation cases taken up were 23 and 15 cases were disposed off. Total pending case taken up was 2 and 2 cases were disposed off. Total cases taken up were 25 and disposed off 17 cases and total settlement amount was Rs. 15,88,375.
Mon DLSA conducted National Lok Adalat at District Court Front office. All together 59 Bank recovery cases were taken up and 12 cases disposed off. Total settlement amount was Rs. 276,367.
Kohima DLSA conducted National Lok Adalat with PD and SJ cum Chairperson Kohima DLSA Y Longkumer as presiding officer. Altogether 379 cases were put up before the LokAdalat whereby 228 were Bank recovery cases, 9 Telephone bill (pre-litigation) and 1pending case out of which 31 was settled. The total outstanding amount was Rs. 67,96,149.71 and settlement amount Rs. 35,18,791. The total amount weaved by the Banks and Telephone through the National Lok Adalat Rs 32,77,358.71.
Dimapur DLSA organised National LokAdalat on December 11. A brief speech was delivered by Chief Judicial Magistrate & Secretary Dimpaur DLSA Seyielenuo Mezhii. 103 cases were taken up and 76 cases were disposed off. The total settlement amount is Rs.1, 69,20,818 only.
Mokokchung DLSA conducted LokAdalat today at Principal District and sessions judge Court room. A total of 15 cases were taken up and 02 cases with a total settlement amount of Rs, 77,000 only.
Longleng DLSA conducted Lok Adalat at District court Longleng and TamluTown EAC Hq. Taken up 26 cases and disposed 26. Total Amount settlement Rs 1,48,600.
During the 3rd Quarterly National Lok Adalat held on September 11, a total of 576 out of 1113 cases were disposed with a settlement amount of 576 cases amounts to Rs. 4,86,00,875.
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