NASU 45th biennial general conference held


Kohima, February 10: The Northern Angami Students’ Union (NASU) held its 45th biennial general conference at Kijümetouma village on the theme “Ignite excellence” with Commissioner & Secretary for IT & Power, K.D. Vizo as special guest on February 8 last.
In his inaugural address, Vizo called upon the students to adapt to the fast changing world. “A nation, state, district or village consists of people and it largely depends on the power and potential of the youth to transform itself and we too have all the potentials to transform ourselves into a developed society,” he said.
Maintaining that our people definitely have the ability to achieve what other people in other parts of the world are capable of achieving, he however said among Nagas what is missing is clear sense of vision and directions.
Stating that government jobs are now getting saturated, Vizo said that the younger generation should now take up profession even outside government service “as the ultimate aim of any profession is to feed your family and sustain yourself in society.”
“If all other opportunities fail it would also be wise to go back to the agricultural profession where there is tremendous potential,” he said.
Also dwelling on problems of immigrants, he said that one of the best way to solve this problem would be to start doing labour works ourselves.
He said the immigrants are here because there is scope for them to earn their living in the form of cheap labour and as businessman.
Maintaining that today the strength of a country or a state is not determine by the strength of defence or its fighting power but economic strength is what defines the strength of the modern nation or state, he stressed on the need to encourage entrepreneurship in the state.
He said those states which promote privatization and entrepreneurship are the one who are developed.
“However, in our state our economy is largely dependent on government salary and this not going to take us far. Therefore, at the time when even socialist countries are encouraging privatization and entrepreneurship the younger generation must think of taking up business as one of the best profession available today,” he said.
In the absence of big industries in the state, he said, the service sector industries, IT related industries, agro based industries, hospitality and tourism industries are most suitable for Nagaland.
Referring to government sponsored schemes for entrepreneurs, Vizo felt that the younger generation should learn how to approach banks and financial institutions to set up business and do away with the traditional culture of borrowing money with huge interest.
“In fact the time has come for real business to take place in the state and in the coming days private companies and entrepreneurs will play a very important role in improving the economy of our state,” Vizo maintained.
Also speaking on the occasion, Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) general secretary Imtiyapang Imsong called upon the Nagas elsewhere to stand united, adding that if we are united we can accomplish our common goal.
Northern Angami Public Organization (NAPO) president Neiyalie Pfüsenuo stressed on the need to propagate the importance of mother tongue, adding that local dialect represents our identity.
Angami Students’ Union (ASU) president Visako Rino urged upon the students to come forward and wipe out the social evils and collectively build a bright and productive society.
NASU president Kevilelhou Zumu said that we can no longer relax in the past glory of our forefathers and urged upon the students work hard and create a history of difference for the interest and benefit of the coming generation.
HVOC convenor Neibou Angami urged upon the students to act as a lively player in their academic career, cautioning that whoever remain as a mere spectator would see a bleak and unsatisfactory future.
The inaugural function was chaired by Dievi Yano while Kijiimetourma Village Students’ Union president Seyietuo Zhale delivered welcome address.
Conservator of Forests, Department of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Kohima, Dr. Kenei Miachieo, IFS and Joint Director of Higher Education & State Project Director RUSA, Menuokholie Kire also spoke at academic and valedictory sessions respectively.
Meanwhile, NASU election commission has announced Thepfuriiya Theiinuo and Aneizo Keditsu as president and general secretary respectively among the others for new NASU executive council for the tenure 2019-2021. (Page News Service)