NAPM delegation visit Nagaland as part of Samvidhan Samman Yatra


Dimapur, November 21: A 22-member delegation of National Alliance of People’s Movement, comprising of activists fighting against the under constriction Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail corridor (bullet train) to activists protesting against the Vedanta’s Sterlite plant in Tuticorin on Wednesday met with the representatives of different Naga civil societies as part of the Alliance’s nationwide yatra called ‘Samvidhan Samman yatra’ which started on October 2 from Dandi, coinciding with Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and origin point of Dandi March.
During the meeting national convener Meera Sanghamitra (NAPM Telangana) said that it was needed to resist the present fascist government in the centre which has failed the country economically, and is compromising the key institutions of the nation by infiltration of RSS in them and is disrupting the social fabric of the society.
Criticizing the government on the issues of demonetization and implementation of GST besides others, she said that since the government came into being, attacks on Dalits, Muslims and others have increased, maintaining that while incidents like lynching and communal tension always existed in the country, their intensity spiked after BJP formed the government. She also accused the government of tagging the activists and dissents as Maoists.
She added that the movement is an attempt to connect to the issues of people pertaining across the country.
Secretary General of Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), Neingulo Krome said that though Nagas today have many issues to solve, the Indo-Naga political issue is but paramount and has been continuing since the independence of India.
He gave a brief summary of how the Naga issue came about and what happened since then to the visiting activists and alleged that the Indian government is trying to prolong the talks by giving excuses.
Reflecting on the circumstances in which Nagas are living, Dr. Ngully of FNR said that the implementation of AFSPA has branded Nagas as terrorists after dividing the Nagas among different states and countries as well as not respecting the claim of the Nagas over the resources found in the Naga inhabited region. He also blamed the Indian government for the degrading human values due to decades of oppression.
When Priya, an activist asked why India is not respecting the claim of the Nagas over the resources of the Naga inhabited region, Krome explained that India indentifies all Indians as indigenous to any place, but due to the existence of Article 371 (A), Nagas have been able to counter the aggression of India largely.
A representative of Naga Women Hoho expressed grief that ‘freedom fighters’ are identified by the mainland Indians as ‘terrorists’ and this has led to people have a very negative picture of northeast and are afraid to visit the region.
‘There are miscreants, corrupts, criminals, but we are not terrorists,’ she said.
The meeting was hosted by NPMHR here at Don Bosco IDI, River belt Colony. The delegates will leave Nagaland on November 22. The movement which will cover a total of 26 states in 65 days will conclude on December 10, 2018 in Delhi.
(Page News Service)