Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Namgalong Rongmei Colony Council holds AGM, elects office bearers

Namgalong Rongmei Colony Council New Team of Office Bearer and Executives posing for the Lens. (Photo Credit: Kambui Dangmei)

Dimapur, October 24: Namgalong Rongmei Colony Council held it’s Annual General Meeting on October 24 at Panchayat Hall, Namgalong Rongmei Colony, Burma Camp, Dimapur.
Welcome Address was delivered by Makuran Rongmei, Colony Vice Chairman and also highlighted the colony activities taken up by the council members. During the meeting session, Council Secretary presented the annual report on Council activities followed by reports from Women Organization presented by Sanaru Kamei, president and Youth Organization by Ganthaolung Gonmei, Secretary NYO.
The meeting further nominated CP Gonmei and Houthairong Longmei as Sessional Chairman and Sessional Secretary, after taking charge, the Sessional Chairman declared the dissolution of the office bearer of the council.
Meanwhile in the process of Election/Selection, the new team of Office Bearers of Namgalong Rongmei Colony Council was selected and seconded with voice vote by the august gathering in the Annual General Meeting.
The office bearers of Namgalong Rongmei Colony Council for the tenure – 2020-2025 are: Makuran Rongmei-chairman; Ruokovilie Gonmei-vice chairman; Jenpu Rongmei-secretary; Houthairong Longmei-joint secretary; Kamphun Kamei-treasurer.
The executive members are Woman President & Secretary; Youth President & Secretary; G. Gonmei; JK Pamei; Pantirong Gangmei; Meithailung Longmei; Chingkhiulung Gonmei, Head GB; and Pousinglung Kamei, Assistant GB.
The Auditors are Kambui Dangmei; Gainempu Gonmei and Hounilung.
During the AGM various issues were discussed at length pertaining to colony development, membership, fund, household census and precisely Jubilee Committee was also constituted.
To conclude the Annual General Meeting, Gaithaorong Kamei, Ex-Secretary delivered vote of thanks. (Page News Service)