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Nagas voice removal of AFSPA and DAA; Cautions SFs not to provoke

Candle light KOhima dec 6

Kohima, December 6: Fumed and saddened with the gunning down of at least 14 innocent civilians in Mon district by security forces, thousands of people in Kohima from different walks of life came together demanding repeal of AFSPA and DAA from Nagaland with immediate effect while maintaining India should be ashamed of these laws.
The people converged at the Old MLA Hostel junction despite the drizzle in the heart of the capital town holding candles and placards during the Candlelight Vigil Service in honour of the loving Naga brethren killed by the security forces and in solidarity for the unrest situation at Mon district since Saturday night. The service was organized by Angami Public Organization (APO), an apex body in the state capital.

Terming the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and Disturbed Area Act imposed in Nagaland as ‘draconian law’ of the government of India, the speakers from different Naga tribes settled in Kohima during the service were of the view that security forces are meant to protect the citizens and not to terrorize and kill the innocent.
Angami Public Organization (APO) president Razouvotuo Chatsu said that the APO stands in solitary with the Konyak brethren and the ENPO family in their demand for justice.
“We assure you of our unconditional support and assistance. We will walk with you till justice is delivered and peace is restored,” he told the Konyak community.
The APO made a fervent appeal to all right thinking citizens to come together, and strongly voice out unitedly against the heinous and atrocious act perpetrated upon the innocent civilians by the para military forces.
“APO demands justice for our sons and appeals to the state government to thoroughly investigate the incident and expose the truth behind heinous crime, and book the criminals as per the law. The government must ensure that justice is not denied or delayed,” he said.
APO president said that Oting massacre is also one such incident amongst many in the past, wherein the Indian Paramilitary has exhibited unrestrained violence against our people, and all such atrocities are denied justice, and easily pushed under the rug because of the discriminatory Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act. We must vociferously demand for the draconian act to be replaced without which, we will continue to live without basic and inherent human rights,” he said.

Naga Club President, Kuolachalie Seyie said the problem is Delhi which promulgated AFSPA in Nagaland. “It is the tool of Delhi and it is a lawless law insulting the human race,” he said, adding that India should be ashamed of the Act.
“Nagas have the right to life and we will not let the rights be washed away,” he said.
Konyak Union Kohima president H. Angnyei Konyak expressed gratitude to every Naga for extending solidarity, concern and standing with the Konyak community.
He said that when the whole world was busy preparing for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ-the king of peace, “the Indian army has given us this situation.”
“We demand to Delhi that those army personnel involved in killing of these innocent people should be declared as anti-national,” he said adding “If not, India has sent these army personnel intentionally to kill Nagas.”
“India army was our enemy, is our enemy, will be our enemy, ” he said adding that “until the Indian army goes away from our land, our life is not safe. We are living in an insecure world.”
“Don’t be discouraged. Do not be disappointed. We will fight till justice is delivered to us,” he humbly requested the Naga brothers and sisters.
Condemning the incident in the strongest term, Kohima Lotha Hoho chairman Pankathung Lotha said that the Nagas demand for removal of all Indian armed forces from Nagaland and north east “so that Nagas can live/exist like any other Indian citizens.”
“Nagas are being treated and considered second class Indian citizens and beasts by the Indian armed forces, which is against the constitution of India Republic,” he said.

President Kohima Ao Telongjem, Chubalepzuk said the Ao community is shocked and exasperated to learn about the incident. Strongly condemning the inhuman and barbaric act of the security forces so demand befitting punishment against those involved.
He said security forces are meant to protect and not to terrorize the innocent citizens. The Naga blood and tears have ceaselessly flown for the past seventy years and it must be stopped as too much blood and tears have already been shed, he said.
Expressing that the heinous crime and atrocities can no longer be tolerated in the Naga society,
Chubalepzuk demanded immediate withdrawal of AFSPA, a draconian law from Nagaland. If not, the security forces should leave the Naga people alone.
Allow us to live in peace because we are peace loving people and a free nation, he said. “If you want to kill innocent people go back as we don’t want your protection… stop military operations in Nagaland as we want to live in peace,” he said.
Kohima Sumi Hoho president Kevitho Shohe questioned are the Nagas still not considered as humans? The incident calls for the highest form of condemnation and investigation, he said.
If the Assam Rifles consider the neighbouring Naga villagers as their friends, they could not have initiated such inhuman act, he said, adding that the claim of Assam Rifles being “Friends of Hill people” is only mockery. The act has widened the already existent gap between the Naga people and the security forces, he said.

Demanding removal of Assam Rifles from Nagaland, repeal of AFSPA and no more extension of the Disturbed Area Act, he said “we do not want Indian government and its protection so let Nagas alone”. He also called upon the Naga people to unite and stand together in the fight against the inhuman treatment against the Nagas by the security forces.
Chakhesang Public Organization advisor K Puro said AFSPA is a black law but India being one of the superpowers in the world continues to impose the draconian law. “AFSPA is a shame for the Prime Minister and Government of India,” he said.
Terming the incident as murder and not an operation, Puro demanded withdrawal of the AFSPA with immediate effect.
Advisor for Elections and Technical Education Medo Yhokha while demanding immediate repeal of AFSPA said the killing of innocent civilians is beyond human imagination and should be condemned in the highest terms.
“No amount of justification can undo the gruesome act of the security forces,” he said
Demanding that justice should be met in the interest of peace in the Naga society, Yhokha however said it should be a collective and concerted endeavor of all the Naga community to fight for repeal of AFSPA.
Yhokha also condemned the media houses in mainland India for trying to justify the action of the army without knowing the fact and without any ground reporting.
He also condemned the provocative nature of the security forces, specially the Assam Rifles for moving out of their camps during the 12-hour peaceful bandh called by the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF). “Don’t try to force us to go to the last century,” he cautioned the security forces.
Meanwhile, Yhokha also appealed to the Nagas to create a conducive atmosphere for the agencies and government to focus on digging out the reality and deliver justice.
The service concluded with prayers of eternal rest for the departed souls and singing the song “God be with you”. (Page News Service)