Friday, December 1, 2023
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“Nagas unity in tangle”

The journey of Naga political history has two major events that we can recalls are “Naga plebiscite in 1951 and 16th point agreement in 1960.These two events are diametrically opposed to each other in terms of their orientations and impli- cations in which many tall Naga leaders of varied colours were involved.Of these two events,Naga plebiscite have laid down the political foundation for the Naga generations to come.
It is important to reflect upon the historical events as the Nagas are again at the threshold of an event,a history-making circumstances that will shape the future of every Nagas in the years to come.The current political negotiation is in the crucial stage and if it was inked will have a long lasting impact of the fate of every Nagas. On the surface,every Nagas irrespective of their tribe and border location,profess the need of Unity among the Nagas to achieve acceptable and hon’ble solution to the decades old Naga political problem.But when critically observe the situation, deep down in the heart,many people are vying for the kind of Unity that will serve their own interest than the welfare of all the Nagas at large.One indication of this contradiction is that,all the people expressed their support for unification of all the Naga inhabited areas and Naga political solution on numerous occasion in the past,some time against the political solution that will look into the larger welfare and benefit of all the Nagas.It is a matter of great intrigue which every one need to ponder as to how can any organization(s) that has vociferously supported the unity of all the Nagas in the past,some time even in the same page sought the interest for few sections and gives more emphasis on what they stand was right. Every organizations and individuals have rendered time and energy as much as possible for the unity of the Nagas,but the success is averting due to the lack of common objective on which basis unity is possible.It can be described “if unity is a must,a common objective is a must.It may be summing-up that the random talk of unity without basis can never achieve how much we attempt or wish to be practical.
“Unity is a wish and voice of every Nagas,but the contrary of the talk of unity is that if anybody propagates the inclusive approach or broad out look to Naga political solution is branded as one sided and called to be the outsider,no matter what the person is trying to convey or which tribe he belongs.Serious attempts to exclude each other and to seek for self interest has undoubtedly taken deep rooted in our Naga society which is why the talk of unity remains the talk of the talk than a practical reality.The entanglement have come to a point where we hear and listen only those line of propagandas that support our interest and not take into account of the situation on the other side.Instead of trying to reach out and create understandings,some people seek to delegitimize the other to strengthen oneself.While some people genuinely committed to seek the solution to the decades old problem,some others out-rightly against the idea of talking of the larger interest is a contrary to the talk of Nagas unity.It is heartening to witness that the time and again attempts are made to create misunderstanding among the Nagas when the situation demands resolute stand for all the Nagas.It is important for one and all to avoid listening to the propagandas which will not benefit the society as a whole and which can never bring to a lasting solution to the decades old Naga political crisis.
Nagas are well informed and aware of the political negotiations that is going on between the two entity of the Nagas and India,and also aware that the talks are unable to conclude due to the complexities,but failed to understand the dynamics of the politics and charging one another instead of building consensus measures.At this crucial time,it is imperative for all to support the peace talk to find a lasting solution which will benefit for all and one.It is a time for every concern people to seriously ponder on the larger interest than seeking for the self interest.
(H.K.ZHIMOMI) Diphupar, Village.