Monday, May 10, 2021

Nagas take part in Mt. Everest Fashion Runway

Dimapur, January 30: Aaron Akivito Sema, a 12 years old student of Livingstone Foundation International, Nagaland became the youngest person to reach one of the highest altitudes of the world during the Mt. Everest Fashion Runway held at Kala Patthar, Mt. Everest, Nepal on January 26 coinciding with the 71st Indian Republic Day.
Aaron Akivito Sema was the show-stopper at the event where he displayed his placard which read “I, Aaron Akivito Sema, 12 years from Nagaland LFI can stand humbly tall at this highest altitude for the cause of climate change, why can’t you?! Let’s be the change!”, which was a global message from the world’s highest altitude fashion event for sustainability and climate change.
Dr Andrew Ahoto Sema and Aaron Akivito Sema were the only individuals who represented the country in the record making event.
The Mt. Everest Fashion Runway was successfully completed thus creating a rare history by registering in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Highest Altitude Fashion Show in the world. The main event of the Mt. Everest Fashion Runway was held at Kala Patthar below the world’s highest peak on January 26. The entire event was undertaken within a time span of 40 Minutes during which the models walked the world’s highest ramp in dresses made of natural fabric which were recyclable and organic to voice their concerns for a greener environment. (Page News Service)