Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Nagas struggle for self determination is not law & order problem: Naga Hoho

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Dimapur, July 2: The Naga Hoho has asserted that the Governor of Nagaland-cum-interlocutor for the Indo-Naga talks cannot consider the Nagas struggle for self determination as law and order problem.
Reacting to the June 16 Governor’s letter to the State Chief Minister, the NH said, “…so long the Indo -Naga political issue remains unresolved, all forms of unrest starting from taxation to killings are bound to live with us, albeit, no one should take it otherwise as if we are encouraging the unwanted situation being created by the Naga National workers under the banner of various groups.”
In fact, the NH claimed that the law and order situation have drastically improved during the last two decades of which the Governor-cum-Interlocutor must be well aware of the “chilling situation till later part of 1990’s”.
“The Hon’ble Governor is the same person who signed the historic Framework Agreement with NSCN/GPRN in front of Prime Minister of India and another Preamble Agreement with 7 NNPGs. We are fully convinced that the Governor & Interlocutor have done this with comprehensive analysis that Naga problem is not at all a mere law and order problem and this has been well recognized by various Prime Minister of India. Government of India and the Interlocutor must bring the 23 years of political dialogue to a logical conclusion as committed in different platforms and occasions by the Government of the day in New Delhi,” it said.
The NH, however, lauded the Governor intention to curb corruption “as Nagas have to move on with justice and equality despite of our struggle against suppression.” It said successive governors had failed in the past to remove corruption in the State and that corrupt practices are everywhere in the State.
The NH note that in order to ensure effective and transparent investigation into corruption, the Government of Nagaland had established the Nagaland Lokayukta replacing the erstwhile Vigilance and Anti-Corruption on 1st February 2019. However, the State Government has not framed any rules for the purpose of carrying into effect the provision of the Act. The State must move on free from corruption towards achieving a welfare State and egalitarian society, it said.
‘Disturbed Area extension’
The Naga Hoho further condemned the Government of India for the extension of Disturb Area in Nagaland on condition and promulgation of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958 in Nagaland by another six months from June 30.
Terming as unfortunate the notification “whereas the Central Government is of the opinion that the area comprising the whole state of Nagaland is in such a disturbed and dangerous condition that the use of armed forces in aid of the civil power is necessary,” the NH said the Government of India has failed to take into account the ground reality but rather choose to dehumanize the Naga people by using the most inhuman Act.
“The Draconian Law is not to maintain law and order in the region but to act and suppress the innocent people. It is only a means to terrorize and create fear among innocent people. When the state has been declared peaceful, what is the necessity to impose this most unwanted law in the region,” it asked.
Stating that this inhuman law has lost its relevance in a civilized society and its applicability has no place in the modern world, the Naga Hoho demanded the Government of India to repeal this law if it truly honours the peace process and a peaceful solution to the long Indo-Naga political talks. (Page News Service)