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Nagas perplexed with no progress of Naga solution: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul PC

Says PM Modi’s promise for solution made 9 years back has been broken

KOHIMA, JANUARY 16: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while expressing that Nagas are perplexed with the Naga Political negotiation not making progress, today said that the promise made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a final solution has been broken.
“I have been speaking to quite a few Naga leaders and they are actually perplexed as to why no progress has been made. Frankly, we are not clear as to what the Prime Minister envisioned in terms of a solution”, said Gandhi while addressing a press conference at Chiephobozou, Kohima, as part of his Nagaland chapter of Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.
“It (Framework Agreement) is a superficial document that says we are going to work towards peace and have joint sovereignty… it is not clear what exactly they mean.
“A lot of the Naga organizations here simply are not clear what the Prime Minister was trying to do and what the way forward is”, he said.
Clearly, there is a problem that needs resolution… a problem that requires conversation, listening to each other and working in implementing a solution and that is lacking as far as the Prime Minister is concerned, he said.
“The Prime Minister promises things without thinking them through… he promised many things like to the youth he promised about education and employment”, Gandhi said.
People are disturbed with the Prime Minister’s credibility that nothing has happened for 9 years, he said, adding that “the promise made by the Prime Minister nine years back has been broken”.
Asked if INDI Alliance would work for a solution, Gandhi said “we are committed to a solution to the Naga issue”.
INDIA Alliance will win 2024 election
On forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Gandhi said INDI Alliance together will take on BJP very well and win the elections.
The BJNY is an ideological one and it is designed to place certain issues of the people on the table – the issue of the huge amount of injustice that is taking place in this country, he said.
“We will go through the election process but the yatra is only to place the ideological ideas in front of the people that would be an alternative vision to BJP”, he said.
He also asserted that the discussions among the INDI Alliance is going on very well and whatever issues on seat-sharing and others would be resolved.
Gandhi also reiterated that Congress does not want a country with hatred and that is fractured within but it wants a harmonious country with feeling of brotherhood and equality.
Ram Temple issue
Gandhi said that the Congress is boycotting the Ram Temple inaugural ceremony scheduled for January 22 at Ayodhya, as it is “a completely political Narendra Modi function”.
“It’s become a RSS-BJP function and I think that is why the Congress president said that he would not go to the function. We are open to all religions, all practices. Even the authorities of the Hindu religion, the biggest authorities of the Hindu religion, have made their view public about what they think about the January 22 function that it is a political function. So it is difficult for us to go to a political function which is designed around the Prime Minister of India and designed around the RSS”, Gandhi said.
“We have made it clear among our partners and party that whoever wants to attend the function is more than welcome.
Congress cannot be a party to a “political function” as it is very difficult for us when the Prime Minister and the RSS – our principal opponents – have captured a function and turned it into an election function.
“The BJP and the RSS have given a political and an election flavour to the event,” he said.
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Pre-fixed/stage-managed Press Conference

KOHIMA, JANUARY 16: The local journalists in Nagaland have expressed disappointment over the manner in which the first press conference of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi after commencing the BJNY was conducted at Chiephobozou ground, some 29 Kms from the State capital today.
Enthusiastic journos from Kohima and Dimapur rushed to the press conference venue on self arrangements after covering Gandhi’s visit to WW II Cemetery-walk up to Phoolbari and public rallies at Phoolbari and High School junction.
However, as the press conference started it was surprising to note that it was pre-fixed or stage managed one as the anchors of the session and senior Congress leader Jai Ram Ramesh was calling out specific names of journalists to ask the question.
Indeed, Ramesh was kind enough to collect a local reporter’s name and start the session by allotting the first chance for only one question but what followed next was disappointing as he stood up and started calling out names of selected journos, out of the more than 70 of them accompanying Gandhi for the yatra, for questions with the two persons holding microphones passing it to them only.
Another local journalist also squeezed herself in between Ramesh’s calling names and did manage to ask the second question on the State.
Amid such conducts journos started disrupting and raising questions almost creating chaos which led to Rahul Gandhi, who might have been unaware of any such arrangement, asking Ramesh to take his seat and relax which he did comply but continued to call specific names.
The local journos expressed unhappiness that while the 70+ journalists from other parts of the country (none from Nagaland) have been travelling with Rahul Gandhi since Day 1 of the BJNY and many of them are continuing further, could have got opportunities during the more than 60 days yatra.
The Chiephobozou BJNY press conference, though was not declared State specific, could have been nice if the local media houses were given time to ask at least some more State specific questions.
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