Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Nagas love democracy, people’s aspirations ought to be respected: BJP leader M Chuba

M Chuba Ao
M Chuba Ao (Courtesy: Twitter)

“What kind of Naga constitution, it does not come out at public domain”

Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI, MAY 8: Traditionally the Naga people have always cherished democracy, this factor ought to be respected and people’s “aspirations” for peace and development have to be ensured, senior BJP leader M ChubaAo said on Sunday.
“Our forefathers have always upheld democracy when it came to establishment of village governing bodies following rules and democratic regulations. In democracy everything is possible to do for the people and by respecting people’s wishes”, Chuba told Nagaland Page in the context of Naga peace talks and pending solution.
“Look, I always say due to our political problem, Nagaland is far behind others in development. All our neighbouring States have gone very far”, he said underlining yet again that an early solution is the crying need of the hour.
He said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government have shown sincerity to resolve the Naga political problem.
“Look here, on August 3, 2015, a Framework Agreement was signed. Again on November 17, 2017, an Agreed Position was signed with another group. So it shows clearly Modiji can take decision. The Prime Minister is more capable and of course has shown more willingness to solve the problem than other national leaders in the past”, he said.
“As a BJP national-level leader, I feel I have to extend my possible helping hand for the success of Narendra Modiji’s vision for the Naga people and solution of the political problem”, remarked adding, “that is why it is my appeal to all stakeholders to respect Naga common people’s wishes. People have suffered for 7 decades and in comparison to other Northeastern States like Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, we have lagged behind.”
Answering a question on the role of the NDPP-BJP Government, he said the State Government under Neiphiu Rio has done its part.
The formation of an opposition-less Government and core committees were good steps. “There were also two detailed Consultative Meetings of all NGOs and concerned people on Oct 15, 2020 and March 7, 2022.”
Against this backdrop, he suggested the Core Committees should now take up a Brotherhood Mission and visit Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh and meet Chief Ministers to ensure adequate respect and development for Nagas living in those States.
To another question, he said, “There is no dispute that the State Government in Nagaland has a massive mandate to work for an early Solution. We cannot forget that Naga people suffered for last 7 decades. Many people did not know about economy and development for first 4-5 decades. Young people today are searching for better livelihood, jobs, etc.”
“It is time, we will work for solution and towards that endeavour and without much delay”, he emphasised.
Answering a specific question, he said, “Today, I am making an appeal and of course if situation demands, as a BJP foot soldier I can meet any individual leader or a group of leaders to convince them about our party’s conviction and commitment.”
The Nagas certainly need peace and stability and once “we have these, industries will come and quality of life will go up.”
In reference to the NNPG, he said, “It is true, one of the stakeholders has appreciated the need for peace and has agreed to come forward to agree to accept the offer from Government of India.”
But he admitted, it is true the issues of Flag and a separate Naga Constitution have been raised.
On these, he said while the Government of India has agreed to respect and recognise Naga Flag as a cultural identity, in terms of a separate Constitution several issues need to be understood.
“When we talk of Naga Constitution, there are some questions whether it will be socialist constitution or communist constitution. What kind of Naga Constitution, it does not come out at public domain. But on the other hand Article 371(A) is very much a special provision for Nagaland State. So, I feel it can be amended and some clauses added suitably…..Now, we have to appreciate the people in our State wants to give priority to peace and development.
This must be respected”, he added.