Nagas in Manipur demand early solution for Naga issue

Nagas in Manipur demand early solution for Naga issue

Imphal, June 2: Several hundreds of Nagas on Saturday took out a peace rally in Ukhrul district of Manipur in support of early finalisation of the ongoing Indo-Naga political talks based on August 3, 2015 Framework Agreement signed between NSCN-IM and Government of India. The rally was jointly organised by several Tangkhul civil society organisations under the aegis of United Naga Council (UNC), the apex body of the Nagas.
The people in the rally — which started from Dungrei Junction and TNL Ground and later converged at mini secretariat complex at the district headquarters — were seen holding banners saying, “Finalise Indo-Naga political talks based on historic frame work agreement”; “We want peace and Final solution”.
The rally was led by UNC president Gaidon Kamei and leaders of Tangkhul civil bodies and a memorandum was submitted to Prime Minister of India through Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul.
“Since the “historic” Framework Agreement was signed three years ago, the Naga people have been waiting eagerly for the final agreement. But due to lack of commitment by the Government of India, the situation is dragging to its worst,” said Gaidon Kamei, the UNC president.
Speaking on behalf of the Naga people of “South Nagalim” (Manipur), Kamei drew the attention of Prime Minister of India to expedite the peace process, to settle the Agreement at the earliest possible time. “This is the sentiment, opinion and view of the Naga people, delay will only invite more problems”, he said.
Gaidon Kamei alleged that the Government of India has been using forces to sabotage and derail the peace process. “Everywhere in Naga inhabited areas, this has been the policy of Government of India since day one. They have applied several mechanism to suppress the people movement but they fail every time. The only solution to this problem is a total commitment from the Government of India”, he maintained.
Weapon Zimik President of TNL, stating that there is much greater challenges from within and outside, implored every Nagas and Indian, to give every possible support for bringing peaceful and honourable solution. He also made an appeal to the authority to restrain their military wings and instead allow them to participate in ushering peace to the region.
In the memorandum jointly signed by the leaders of the Naga groups, it alleged that various agencies and forces of the Government of India are indifferent to the well being of the Naga community in view of the delayed solution.
Urging the sanctity of the ceasefire ground rules be maintained in Nagalim, it said the sincerity and integrity of India will be put under the strength of a shoe string if the voice of the public goes unheeded.
Today’s rally earnestly appealed to the Government of India to expedite the Indo-Naga political solution at the earliest based on the spirit of the Framework Agreement. (Courtesy: IE)