Monday, September 27, 2021
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Nagas in dilemma: SC Jamir

S C Jamir

Dimapur, August 10: Former Odisha Governor Dr SC Jamir has stated that the time has come for the people of Nagaland to know their political future because without their knowledge and consent no organization or organizations are mandated to decide their future.
According to Jamir, indications from many reliable sources affirm and confirm that the Prime Minister of India is serious about solving the ongoing political talks between the Naga political groups and the GoI without any further delay.
“After long years of gloomy nights in their political pilgrimage for the first time the people of Nagaland could see a new dawn in the Naga political firmament,” the former Nagaland chief minister said in an article ‘The Dilemma of Nagaland: Politically, Economically, Socially and Culturally.’
“Let us not shy away from the truth. The public of Nagaland should be told frankly and honestly what is within and what is beyond our reach in matters of Naga political goal,” he said.
Stating that politically, the Nagas are in a terrible quagmire and so far they continue to be in darkness, Jamir said when all the political agendas have been nailed to the coffin what else can the Nagas expect from the current polemics?
He also advocated that the time has come to remove the mask that covers the Framework Agreement of 3rd August 2015 and let the people see the real contents of the accord, so that the people will be able to judge whether it is honourable or otherwise.
“The people are intelligent enough to understand the position of the Government of India vis vis Naga political demand. It shall be in the interest of both the Nagas and the Government of India to take pragmatic decision without any further delay. We are confident that leaders engaged in the political parleys will surely try to do what is best for the people and the country.”
Stating that Naga people are equally anxious for early solution, he said people are hoping and praying that a new dawn of political dispensation will be heralded in the land of the Nagas.
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